70s still on the way

It certainly did not warm up much today, but the well-advertised taste of summer is still heading our way. Warmer air starts its push into Wisconsin tomorrow and arrives in our area in full force on Wednesday. No record highs are expected, but who cares. It will feel great. The warmer air will come with a price as strong south and southwesterly winds are likely from Wednesday-Friday. Highs will be at or near 70 each of those days.

The weekend forecast still has some questions. Rain and maybe even a thunderstorm is possible on Saturday. At this point the storms do not look too impressive as the low pressure center will be weakening as it arrives and does not bring a large amount of instability with it.

With the warmer weather, pollen is back. Tree pollen comes first, followed by grass and then weed pollen. I have received quite a few calls about people sneezing and having itchy, watery eyes. This is most likely related to the return of allergy season. You can always get the allergy report on our web site. Go to the weather section and you will see the “pollen” icon. Take a look at today’s report.


Juniper is leading the way and you can bet with the dry, sunny, and windy weather the pollen counts will be rising rapidly the next few days.

Another feature on wisn.com’s weather page is all of our live cameras around the area. This can be found with the “cameras” icon. My favorite camera is our newest one at Discovery World. Working in a studio without any windows, I find the cameras to be very helpful. Looking outside before you go on the air is always a good idea. Here is a direct link:


Enjoy the beautiful weather and thanks for reading the blog.



2 Responses

  1. I wonder as the warm air rushes in if you don’t catch some mid/low level cloudiness holding down temps a bit?

    • Certainly a concern as it is already building west. I would be more concerned if it was a couple of weeks ago when we still had very moist surface. Thanks.


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