Goodbye 70s & 80s & Brewers Are Back!

***Watch WISN 12 News for the latest on the weekend forecast!***

The weekend is here!  That is the good news…the bad news for many is that so is a cold front.  This means our early taste of summer will not continue into Easter weekend.

Highs were again in the 80s on Friday.  The high of 81 fell just 1 degree shy of the record for April 2 set in 1963.  Not a bad start to April…82 degrees on the 1st and 81 on the 2nd.

Below is a surface map from 5 p.m. when it was still 80 in Milwaukee with a strong southwest wind.  Back in southwest Wisconsin you will see little dots next to the observation stations.  These dots signify light or moderate rain.  2 dots is light rain, 3 dots is moderate, and you guessed it 4 represents heavy rain.   

While it was 80 in Milwaukee…the temp was only 59 in LaCrosse.  The cold front will mean a cooler weekend, but not too chilly.  After some morning rain showers clear on Saturday, dry weather should prevail for the rest of the weekend.  Highs Saturday will be in the 50s, and with a southwest wind returning on Sunday highs should top out around 65!   Not bad weather as the Easter Bunny hops into town.

In the blog later this weekend we will discuss a very wet looking storm that will bring a good chance of showers and thunderstorms to Southeast Wisconsin on Tuesday.  This will likely be a classic Spring storm with a severe weather component.  The question is will the warm air push into southern Wisconsin and give our viewing area its first severe weather of the season?  I will try to answer this question later in the weekend.

Finally, on Thursday I had a chance to hang out on the field at Miller Park.  The field is in perfect condition and everything looks ready for the opener on Monday.  Here are a couple of picture from my live shot on WISN 12 News.

First is a shot with my camera on the field looking up at the scoreboard! 

The second picture is when I was getting ready to interview the Director of Grounds…Gary VanDenBerg.

If you have pictures from Miller Park or take some on Opening Day, make sure to post them to the U-Local section of

Have a happy and safe weekend and make sure to stop by the blog and say hi this weekend!  You can also chat with us on Facebook at WeatherWatch 12

Jeremy Nelson


6 Responses

  1. Hi Jeremy, a happy Easter to you and your family and Mark, Sally and Lyra as well.

    • Thanks…enjoy your weekend with friends and family!


  2. Mmmm…Tuesday…

    • Has the chance to be the first big outbreak of severe weather. As far north as southern Wisconsin? Tough call this far out.

      • SPC is giving you a shot….

      • Lake Michigan often affects the position of warm fronts. This along with the morning convection will go a long way in determining how this one plays out. I’ll start talking about the t-storm chances on Sunday.

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