Rain Totals & Opening Day Weather

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog. The big day has finally arrived…Opening Day for the Brewers! And it looks like great weather will accompany the start of the season.

Temperatures during the morning hours will warm from the 50s into the low 60s by Noon. For the first pitch, temps will be in the mid-60s with sunshine and hopefully an open roof! If you remember many cold or wet opening days…you have a good memory!

Here is a look at high temperatures and precipitation for the past 5 years on Opening Day.

  • 2009 42
  • 2008 51 Rain: 0.02″
  • 2007 61 Rain: 0.13″
  • 2006 52 Rain: 0.72″ Snow: Trace
  • 2005 60

And for 2010? Right now the high should be around 67 degrees with winds of about 8-16 mph. Not bad! With sunshine expected from the morning into the afternoon…make sure to grab sunscreen if you plan on tailgating.  Clouds will increase late in the day, with rain and thunderstorms possible Monday evening and night.

The Brewers opener is going to be sandwiched in one of the few dry time windows this week. Rain fell acros parts of Southeast Wisconsin last night. The rain and thunderstorms soaked areas close to the Illinois border. Below is the NEXRAD radar rainfall estimates. These tend to be a little high. The higher totals that the radar shows in Kenosha County were generally between 0.25″-0.50″. The Kenosha Airport picked up just a hair under 1/3 of an inch of rain. The 1.00″ totals remained south of the county line in Illinois.

If you have a rain total to share, we’d love to see it! Just post it to the comments section of the blog. Or post it to our Facebook page at WeatherWatch 12 Any total that you share may appear on one of our WISN 12 newscasts!

Have a great day and make sure to check the blog, Facebook, Twitter, and of course our newscasts for the latest on the thunderstorm and severe weather potential the next 2 days!

Jeremy Nelson


3 Responses

  1. Sometimes, its hard to appreciate what is about to happen when it has been expected for some time. I find myself already looking toward early next week. 😉

  2. I just bought a rain guage over the weekend, so it looks like this’ll be a good test for it!

    • Some spots will see over 1.00″ of rain tonight into Tuesday. Keep us posted on your total.

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