April Snow…Warmer Days Ahead

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A one day return to winter greeted everyone Thursday morning. Accumulating snow fell in central and northern parts of our viewing area. I will be showing snow totals on WISN 12 News, so if you would like your’s included in the list, just post it to the comments section of the blog.

The big winner across the state was in Green Bay where 5.8″ of snow was recorded. This snowstorm ranked as the 9th biggest in the city’s history!

Here are the totals in to our weather center for our area.

  • NW Ripon 4.2″
  • Beaver Dam 2.0″
  • Hartford 1.7″
  • Hartland 0.5″
  • Milwaukee – Mitchell 0.3″
  • Racine Trace

Outside of a departing snow flurry or sleet pellet Thursday evening, the weather will greatly improve on Friday and Saturday.

Before the warm-up arrives, we can expect a cold night with temperatures of 32 degrees or lower across the entire area, even for lake shore locations. If you got a jump start on your flowers or plants, make sure to cover them tonight or bring them indoors.

Here is a look at temperatures around 7 a.m. Friday in Southeast Wisconsin. This forecast map is from the 12Z NAM computer model. I labeled the 30 degree line which runs from Southwest Wisconsin into Northern Illinois. North of this line are temperatures in the upper 20s.

As winds ease up overnight and skies clear this will set the stage for the loss of any heat near the surface. The winds won’t completely go calm, so in Milwaukee lows will be around 30.

If you are looking for warmer weather it is in the forecast! Highs in the 60s should return to the region on Saturday for probably just 1 day.

In closing.  The GOES-15 satellite just sent back its first visible satellite picture…it is amazing!  Here is more info on the GOES-15, and the picture.

GOES-15 is the final spacecraft in the latest series of NOAA geostationary satellites, capturing higher resolution images of weather patterns and atmospheric measurements than those provided by earlier satellites. The higher resolution allows forecasters to pinpoint the location of severe weather with greater accuracy.

After five more months of tests, NASA will officially “hand over” GOES-15 to NOAA, which will place the satellite in orbital storage mode. It will be ready for activation if any of NOAA’s operational GOES spacecraft experiences trouble.

If you have a weather question or thought please leave it in the comments section of the blog.

Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


2 Responses

  1. We up here in Sheboygan had maybe 1/4 of an inch of snow this morning, only on the grassy surfaces, but it’s all melted now.

  2. Dear Santa – please add the GOES-15 to the list with the mobile Doppler and a Cray supercomputer.

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