Few Showers…Cooler Sunday

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Outside of a spotty sprinkle, the area stayed dry Saturday evening.  Looks dry the rest of tonight in Milwaukee.  Heading into early Sunday skies will be mostly cloudy, but sunshine is back for Sunday afternoon.  Check the blog entry below for the details on Sunday.


Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 Blog!  This is the home of Milwaukee’s most in-depth and interactive weather discussion.  In this entry we will discuss the rain chance for Saturday evening/night and also the cooler weather headed our way for Sunday.

As of this writing scattered rain showers are slowly moving toward Southeast Wisconsin.  The the showers are generally light, and scattered in nature.  A few shower are possible anywhere from very late afternoon into the overnight hours.  Areas like Fond du Lac, Watertown, and Janesville will see the rain showers first. 

Below is a NEXRAD radar image around 2:20 p.m.  The line of showers was moving east-northeast.

To track the showers right down to where you live, just click on our interactive radar below.  You can move the radar around to any location.


As the showers and a cold front clear Southeast Wisconsin, the winds will turn off Lake Michigan for Sunday.  Right now the buoy that measures the water temperature is reporting a cold 38 degrees.  This means the refrigerated air above the lake will chill lakeshore locations on Sunday.  The wind will be out of the east…the arrow below shows the wind direction on the forecast surface map for Sunday.

Highs will be in the 50s lakeside, and around 60 degrees inland.  Sunny to partly cloudy skies are expected on Sunday.  The next chance of showers and thunderstorms will arrive on Monday Night.

Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


2 Responses

  1. Do you think maybe your radar needs a tuneup?

    • Why is that? That is the NEXRAD radar from the NWS…just an image. For the latest update check out http://www.wisn.com/irad


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