100% Sunshine…Quiet Weather Ahead

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Thank you for spending a few minutes of your weekend on the Weather Watch 12 blog.  The amazing story of the meteor turned meteorite in our area continues.  For the complete story on the meteor please check out the blog entry right below this one for pictures, video, and more!

Time to talk some weather!  High pressure moved into our area today and will stick around until the middle of this week.  That means very dry air will be in the place which will translate into chilly mornings, mild afternoons, and lots of sunshine.  When skies are completely sunny I love to say we are enjoying ‘100% sunshine’!  And that is what is in store the next several days.

With the high nearby, winds at night will drop to 5mph or less in many areas.  And with dew points; a measure of moisture at the surface, in the 20s, patchy frost is expected each morning thru Tuesday.  Best chance of a frosty start will occur away from Lake Michigan.  One of those frosty mornings may be Sunday morning. 

Here is the forecast surface map for Sunday.  The ‘H’ represents the center of high pressure


With the high to our north and a clockwise flow around the high, winds will be out of a northeasterly direction on Sunday.  That means a cool day along Lake Michigan…keep in mind the mid lake water temperature is only 38 degrees.  The refrigerated air right above the lake will be pushed inland on northeast winds of 10-16 mph on Sunday.

Lakeshore locations will hover around 50 on Sunday, with areas well inland warming into the mid to possibly upper 50s.

Each day this week thru Wednesday we can tack on about 2-4 degrees to the daytime high each day.  Inland areas should bounce back into the 60s beginning on Monday.

The dry weather should come to an end by late in the week.  If you follow the blog you were expecting wet weather in this timeframe.  The long range forecast that was made back at the end on March highlighted the 4th week in April as a wet period in our cycling weather pattern.  I will talk more about this in coming blogs this week.

Until then, this is the upper level low we are watching for Friday.  This 500mb map is from the 18Z GFS.  Looks impressive!

Enjoy your Sunday and make sure to bookmark the Weather Watch 12 blog.  You can also follow our forecasts on Facebook at WeatherWatch 12  and on Twitter!

Jeremy Nelson



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  1. Start of severe season T minus 5…4…3…

    Oh..and beware of the Fujiwara…

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