Amazing April Continues

Happy sunny Sunday. I hope you are enjoying another beautiful day in southeastern Wisconsin. If you have enjoyed our unusually warm weather you are not alone. It should not be a big surprise that the first half of April is the warmest start to April since records began in Milwaukee in 1871.

Warm First Half of April

It’s no secret that April 2010 has seen some very warm days across southern Wisconsin.  Milwaukee has topped 80 degree 3 times so far this month, and Madison twice. This includes record high temperatures reached on the 1st of the month in both cities.

The average temperature in Milwaukee of 53.6° for the first half of the month is the warmest since records began. This is 11.0° above the normal of 42.6!
The average temperature in Madison of 53.2° for the first half of the month is the second warmest since records began. This is 10.3° above the normal of 42.9!

Rank Avg Temp (Apr 1-15) Year
1 53.6 2010
2 50.3 1910
3 50.2 1945
4 49.3 1921
5 49.0 2006
5 49.0  1955
7 48.9 1991
8 48.7 1929
9 47.8 1999
10 47.6 1968
Rank Avg Temp (Apr 1-15) Year
1 53.9 1910
2 53.2 2010
3 52.7 2005
4 51.2 1955
5 50.2 1941
6 50.0 1925
7 49.9 1921
8 48.6 1945
9 49.5 2006
10 49.1 1870

I want to thank the National Weather Service for the above graphic.

With all the warm weather, I still have to talk about a frosty night ahead. There was a widespread frost this morning and frost is again likely tonight. Most of the flowers that have bloomed so far this spring will not be damaged by the frost. Tulips and daffodils are pretty hardy.

Speaking of cooler, the lake has been acting like a big air conditioner today. Get a look at the current lake temperatures taken from space.

You’ll notice that most of the lake is still only in the upper 30s. The lake breeze brings in the air that has been cooled by the chilly lake. If you are wondering why the lake water near Chicago is so much warmer, it is because the wind has been generally northeast the last few days. This takes the top of the water of the lake (which is warmer), and pools it on the southwest side of the lake. As the wind direction changes, the water temperatures will change as well.

Now, on to the forecast. We are dry and sunny for much of the week until a stronger low pressure center arrives on Friday. This low may stick around for awhile bringing a chance of rain Friday-Sunday. Here is the GFS model for Friday afternoon:

In the meantime, just enjoy our amazing April weather. Thanks for reading the blog, and as always stay tuned to 12 News for the latest forecast.



2 Responses

  1. I’m surprised that Milwaukee has a warmer average temperature than Madison given that there were a few noticeably cooler by the lake days in the mix.

    • Thanks for the note, Daniel. Keep in mind that was April 1-15. The last couple of days have been much cooler near the lake so the averages will be changing. It certainly is unusual for Milwaukee to be warmer than Madison this time of year. We can thank the many days with a west or southwest wind.


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