Record Rain…My Trip To Nassau

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Speaking of severe weather from this past weekend, parts of Kentucky and Tennessee were hit with waves of rain and thunderstorms for 2 straight days.  The rain totals smashed all-time records and major flooding is occurring in those states today and likely all week long.

Below is a rainfall map courtesy of the NWS.  Notice that some areas picked up over 17.00″ of rain!  The final 2 day rain total in Nashville 13.62″!  Just click on the map to enlarge.

The 2 day rain total of 13.62″ in Nashville doubled the previous record 2 day rain total!  This was a once in a lifetime event!  For the latest on the flodding in the Tennessee Valley, make sure to watch WISN 12 News. 

Last week my wife and I were in the Bahamas for a quick 5 day vacation.  Before we left I looked at the forecast and was a little disappointed that rain was likely on Monday.  Sure enough, on the morning of Monday, April 26 a cold front made it all the way down to Nassau and rain poured down.

The rain wasn’t just a quick ‘tropical shower’, it rained from 11 a.m. to at least 5 p.m.  This was big news for the locals since an all day rain is pretty rare.  Here is a picture of the front page of the Nassau paper on Tuesday morning.



The rainy day gave us a chance to walk through the underwater aquariums at the resort.  There were sharks, rays, jellyfish, etc.  But I was most amazed by this huge fish that just hung by the glass.  It was about the size of a mini-Cooper.  Notice the sharks in the background.

The trip was fun, but of course not long enough. 

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Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


8 Responses

  1. Not good planning for a trip where one of the bigger features of the pattern is in play. Sorry about your partial rain out in the tropics!

  2. Nassau….. Jealous. 😦 I went once with my step family, in ’04, and I wanna go back…. I remember when we got back to Florida, a lot of stuff was destroyed because hurricane Charlie had come through! That poor Wendy’s resturant never stood a chance….

    • There wasn’t much that faired well when Charlie went through SW FL. I still remember that day in August well.


  3. Found this out of the HPC long range discussion…

    PERIOD. ”

    Almost like it was a repeating pattern….huh. Go figure.

    • I think some people just have a hard time saying, ‘repeating pattern’. Give them time:)


      • I think the problem is that while the upper air patterns may be repeating, the temperatures pattern isn’t… not by a long shot.

        After the second warmest April of all time, it’s hard to to say that was anything close to a repeat of December and February which weren’t warm months (compared to normal) at all. Now it looks like a cool spell is coming into the middle part of May and this is the part of the cycle the last three times that was well above average every time (mid Nov, mid Jan, mid March).

        You convinced me that some weather features do in fact repeat, but I would never use the LRC to try and guess when a warm/cold spell might be coming because there has been no consistency there.

  4. Daniel – as you are most likely aware, the atmosphere is very complex and works much like a layer of liquid moving around the earth. Within this chaos, there is a pattern. That said, as seasons change, there are other factors that are introduced into each pattern that can cause different things to happen at the surface. Surface friction, micro climates and other factors will change the impacts within the same pattern. This is where the skill of the meteorologist comes into play. It is one thing to explain the LRC, it is quite another to successfully use it.

    • As I have always stated the 500mb level is the best layer to use and follow the LRC. Translating to the surface is a challenge since so many things come into play. Keep in mind during the winter any amount of snow on the ground will have a large impact on surface temperatures.

      I have been very happy with this seasons long range forecasts. The ‘signature’ storm that moved through the 4th week of April was probably the easiest storm to pick out this year. That is why it was hands down the biggest success in the long range April forecast I posted in March. The LRC doesn’t give us a perfect long range forecast, but it gives us the knowledge we need to provide fairly accurate long range forecasts.


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