Frosty Cold One…Part 2

Happy Mother’s Day. Mom’s, please don’t blame me for the cold. Another chilly night on the way. This morning’s frost was widespread. Take a look at the lows.

The lows ranged from 28-37 this morning. This is very chilly for this time of year. Keep in mind the official temperature reading does not have to be 32 degrees to get a frost. Temperatures are taken 5.5 feet above the ground. At the surface the temperatures can be 3-5 degrees cooler. This is why frost is most likely in the low-lying areas where the coldest air can pool. The coldest temperature in our area was in Slinger where it dropped to 28. The coldest in the state was a four-way tie at 19 degrees. This cold temperature was found at Barnes, Minong, and Land O’ Lakes.

A frost advisory is in effect again tonight.

The one thing to watch closely tonight that could help keep our temperatures up is the possibility of high clouds moving in after midnight. I think the clouds will stay to our west and allow another cold night. Those clouds are a precursor of rain to come. We have two shots at rain this week and each round may bring as much as an inch.

The image above is the possible amounts of rain for Monday night and Tuesday. The Hydrometeorological Prediction Center puts out these maps. They are a combination of computer models to estimate rain and/or snow. Rarely is the prediction exactly right, but it gives you a good idea of where the heaviest precipitation is expected.

Wednesday looks to bring a lull before the next round of rain on Thursday.

Wednesday night and Thursday could bring another round of fairly heavy rain. We will monitor closely at Weather Watch 12. Thankfully, the weather looks to calm down after this and a nice warm-up is in store for next week. Stay warm and dry and have a good week.



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