20 years ago today…Snow

It is the 20th anniversary of one of the most amazing weather events to hit southeastern Wisconsin. On Monday morning, May 10, 1990, most of you woke up to a bright light outside, but it was not the sun. A surprise snowfall blanketed the area. As much as 10 inches of snow fell in Waukesha. Officially in Milwaukee, it was 3.2″ The snow caused big problems as many tree limbs broke under the heavy wet snow and power was out to thousands. This snowfall sticks out in Wisconsinites memories more than most because it was so late in the season. One of the interesting stories with the snow, was that Milwaukee did not have snow until later that morning. Because of that, the newsroom did not believe the early calls from viewers that it was snowing. It was not until former WISN-12 anchor, Jerry Taff, called from the Holy Hill area that the newsroom realized this was becoming a huge deal. Jerry lost a bunch of trees around his house that day. It is only 20 years ago, but it shows how far technologically we have come. We did not have weather cameras or cell phones at that time.  I was not here in 1990 so you can’t blame me for the missed forecast. No one had expected snow. Fun memories.

Take a look at some of the pictures from that memorable storm. We have a slideshow on wisn.com right now.


No snow on the way tonight, but plenty of rain and wind. It is going to be a miserable 24 hours around here. The rain moves in around midnight and could be heavy into Tuesday morning. The wind will get stronger as the night goes on with some gusts approaching 40 miles per hour. The rain should taper to drizzle on Tuesday afternoon, but it will be cold and windy. The high on Tuesday will only be 47. Take a look at the expected rainfall from our RPM model:

The RPM has our area getting around 1″ to 1.5″ of rain. This is just round one. Another strong low pressure center arrives on Wednesday night and Thursday. This also has the potential to bring another inch of rain.

The image above is the NAM model for noon on Thursday. We may make it into the warm sector with this storm which would allow our temps to make it to 60, but it will be windy again.

On top of our next two systems, a tornado outbreak is possible late today and tonight across Oklahoma, Kansas, and SW Missouri.

Numerous tornadoes have already been reported and we will keep a close eye on this in Weather Watch 12. I would not be surprised to hear a little thunder tonight, but no severe weather is expected here. Just bundle up and stay dry.



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