Lake Breeze Keeps Clouds Away

A beautiful Sunday across the area today. Temperatures were generally in the low 60s inland and upper 50s near the lake. Normally, we curse the lake breeze, but today it actually helped keep us sunny. Take a look at the visible satellite image below:

Notice the general absence of clouds around the southern 1/3rd of Lake Michigan. This is actually fairly common. The lake is still very cool with water temperatures in the middle 40s. Because of the cold water, the lake breeze develops. This brings cooler temperatures near the lake, but also can inhibit cloud formation. The cooler air that moves in from the lake is also stable air. That means it does not easily rise. Because of that, the clouds form away from the lake so you often see a clear patch surrounding the Great Lakes.

Temperatures inland vs. lake were not much different today because of the additional clouds inland.

The warmest temperatures in the state are actually in western and northern Wisconsin where the highs were in the 70s. If you have been patiently waiting for a warm-up you will like the forecast for next weekend. Get a look at the expected highs from the GFS model earlier today.

This is for next Sunday. I think we will be close to 80 in most areas. The cooler air out west is from rainfall.

We have a dry forecast this week with gradual warming. Enjoy the great weather.



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