Summer Arrives Early

Happy Sunday, everyone. What a fantastic day. Summer making an early arrival to our area with almost everyone into the mid 80s today. If you are right next to the lake today it is cooler, but just a block inland is in the 80s. The warm forecast goes on all week. So, why was yesterday so much cooler near the lake, but not today? It has a lot to do with the wind direction. The winds today are more south-southeast as opposed to yesterday with an easterly wind. The lake always has to be factored into our forecasts. Take a look at the current lake temperatures as estimated by satellite.

The lake water is now generally into the 50s and even some pockets of 60s. As the lake warms up, there is less and less of a lake breeze as we move into summer.

I mentioned earlier that almost everyone is enjoying a day in the 80s.

MILWAUKEE      MOSUNNY   84  68  58 SE14      29.95S HX  87
WAUKESHA       MOSUNNY   84  64  51 S12       29.97S HX  86
MILWAUKEE/TIMM MOSUNNY   84  61  45 S13       29.96R HX  84
RACINE         SUNNY     80  67  64 S17       29.99S HX  82
BURLINGTON     MOSUNNY   86  66  51 S15G21    29.96S HX  88
KENOSHA        MOSUNNY   87  70  56 SE10      29.97S HX  92
FOND DU LAC    PTSUNNY   88  66  48 S14       29.94R HX  90
SHEBOYGAN      MOSUNNY   78  67  68 S13G21    29.96S HX  80
WEST BEND      PTSUNNY   87  66  49 S9        29.95S HX  88
JUNEAU         PTSUNNY   86  64  48 S14G21    29.95S HX  87


                       AIR SEA DIR/SP/G            HT/PER
                 (UTC) (F)     (DEG/KT/KT) (MB)    (FT/S)
W MID LAKE BUOY  2000   53 38  250/  2/  4 1010.1R   1/ 3
DEVILS ISLAND    2000   63      20/  7/  8 1010.0R
PORT WING        2000   51     350/  3/  4 1010.2R
SAXON HARBOR     2000   80     200/ 12/ 17 1009.8R


                       AIR SEA DIR/SP/G            HT/PER
                 (UTC) (F)     (DEG/KT/KT) (MB)    (FT/S)
N MID LAKE BUOY  2000   54 48  220/ 16/ 17 1015.0F   2/ 4
NORTHPORT PIER   2000   68     150/ 12/ 20   N/A
SISTER BAY       1900   69     160/ 17/ 20   N/A
GREEN BAY ENTRAN 2000   84     180/ 16/ 18   N/A
ALGOMA LAKESHORE 2000          210/ 14/ 16   N/A
KEWAUNEE LAKESHO 2000   54     180/ 12/ 13 1015.6S
SHEBOYGAN LAKESH 2000   54     160/ 10/ 11 1014.4R
PORT WASHINGTON  2000   62     160/  5/  7 1015.2S
S MID LAKE BUOY  2000   54 46  130/ 10/ 12 1015.4F   1
KENOSHA   LAKESH 2000          180/ 13/ 17 1014.2F

The warmest spot in our area at 3PM was 88 degrees in Fond du Lac. The coolest is 54 degrees right next to the lake in Sheboygan. The official temperature in Sheboygan is 78 degrees. That is taken about 3 miles inland. One of the interesting ways to see how far inland the lake breeze has moved is by using NEXRAD radar.

Notice the red line that runs from Sheboygan county through eastern Ozaukee, Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha counties. That line is the lake breeze. The NEXRAD radar is so sensitive that it picks up any insects or dust that is picked up along the lake breeze. Yesterday, the lake breeze made it farther inland. So far today, only areas very near the lake have been affected.

One other image to share with you. Another way to see the lake breeze. Check out the visible satellite.

Notice no clouds over the lake with the cold stable air. The lake breeze actually creating clouds inland. The lake will have an influence on the temperatures all week, but it will still be warm everywhere. Enjoy!!



3 Responses

  1. I wonder if they’re ever going to fix that thermometer in Waukesha. It always reads two or three degrees low and sometimes is an hour or two behind all the others. Last summer it was reading a few degrees too high and then they tinkered with something and since then it has been too low ever since. And to prove I’m not crazy, I’ve heard forecasters from just about every news station including you guys make mention of its error at least once over that time period.

    • The problem is that it is an FAA thermometer. The NWS can’t run out and fix it right away. I have definitely noticed the issue and will pass along your frustration to the NWS. Thanks.


      • Thanks Mark you are my HERO

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