More T-Storms For Friday & Severe Chances

***Watch WISN 12 News at 5, 6, & 10pm for the latest on the timing of thunderstorms!***

Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog!  I hope everyone had a chance to dry out after yesterday’s heavy downpours.  The heaviest rain fell along and just south of interstate 94 in Jefferson, Waukesha, and Milwaukee counties.

The heavy rains produced some urban and small streaming flooding for a short time.  If you have pictures from yesterday’s storm I would love to see them!  Feel free to email them to

During the storms I was out streaming live video for WISN 12 News.  The live stream is great because as a viewer you can sit back and watch, while we show you the worst of the storms.  Also, while out chasing, I was taking and posting pictures and video to a new feature that we have on our website…a real time Live Chat.   One of the videos that I captured included some cars splashing thru minor street flooding in Brookfield.

Look for the chat when severe weather strikes!  You can participate, ask questions, pass along storm reports/pictures/video.  During yesterday’s storm, we had 3 reporters out in the storm passing along reports, and our webmaster posting additional information Mark Baden was passing along on WISN 12 News.

Here are a few reports from yesterday’s storm.

  • Lake Mills – Quarter to Golf Ball Sized Hail
  • Waukesha – 1.00″-2.00″ of rain and minor street flooding
  • Milwaukee – 0.64″ rain

After quiet weather on Thursday…another round of thunderstorms will be possible on Friday.  Now that we are into June – the most active month for severe weather in southeast Wisconsin – any chance of thunderstorms needs to be watched closely.

That will be the case on Friday, as a slight risk of severe weather will accompany the chance of thunderstorms.  Let’s start by looking at the timing of the thunderstorms.  Below is a forecast map from the 12Z NAM, one of the computer models we use to forecast.  This map is valid at 1 p.m. Friday.  Notice the showers and thunderstorms nearing our area, just click on the image to enlarge.

The storms on Friday will have the potential to be strong to severe.  Remember, severe weather by nature is isolated.  So any severe weather would likely impact a small area if it occurs.  The Storm Prediction Center has placed part of our viewing area in the slight risk for severe weather on Friday. 

The main concerns with the storms would be heavy rain, hail, and strong winds.  If the timing would be later in the afternoon on Friday, then the chance of severe weather would increase.  The reason is the amount of instability would be able to increase with the peak of daytime heating.  If the storms occur during the morning, the odds of severe weather would decrease.

We will continue to monitor the latest data and update the forecast as needed for Friday.  If you have outdoor plans anytime on Friday, make sure to have an alternate plan ready if rain finds your area.  At the very least, keep your umbrella handy! 

Also, remember to send us your storms photos and rain totals and we will try to show some on WISN 12 News!

Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


2 Responses

  1. Is there a dry spell in the near future?

    • Not really, at least for the next week. Lots of chances for showers and t-storms. I would say by the middle of the month we could dry out a bit and also warm back up. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some 90s again on or before June 16.


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