From Rain/Cold to Sunshine and 90.

I hope everyone enjoyed a beautiful Monday. Today’s high was 65. This is cooler than average, but all the sunshine made it feel very nice. There were a few more clouds away from the lake. I love the visible satellite image from this afternoon.

The cooler waters of Lake Michigan and Superior keep the areas near the shore clear as the lake breeze brings in stable air. The more unstable air inland allows the cumulus clouds to develop. The people who live near Lake Michigan often complain about the cooler air brought in from the lake, but it also can bring a much sunnier day like today.

As for Tuesday, a much different story. An area of low pressure will move just to our south bringing plenty of rain. The morning will bring light showers, but a steady rain is expected in the afternoon and evening. Most of the thunderstorms look like they will stay to our south, but we will watch this closely. Heavy rain is possible, but I believe the heaviest rain will stay to our south. Take a look at the expected rainfall from our RPM model.

One inch of rain is possible right along the Illinois border with lesser amounts in Milwaukee and Waukesha. I think a half-inch of rain is likely in the metro. The clouds and rain will keep it chilly with temps in the low to mid 60s all day.

The rain is gone by Wednesday and then a big warm-up begins to move in. Temperatures near 90 are possible for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It will also be humid. Definitely a taste of summer. Take a look at the GFS forecast for 1pm Sunday.

Thunderstorms with a cold front will move in late on Sunday cooling things back down for Monday. Enjoy our wild weather week and thanks for reading the blog.



2 Responses

  1. When will the rain wrap up tomorrow?

  2. We have 0.12 in. of rain as of 2:30 PM in Sheboygan.

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