Return to Summer

It was a much better Sunday than Saturday. The air and water show was back. The planes are a spectacular site as I head into work. Love to hear the jets roar over our station. A few showers tried to move in this afternoon, but some dry air aloft  held most of the rain west. I hope all of you had a great weekend. I returned late last night from Sioux City, Iowa. I mention this, because Sioux City was in the crosshairs of the MCS (Mesoscale Convective System) that Jeremy was writing about on Friday. I was in Sioux City for a reunion of my former co-workers at KCAU-TV. I worked there 17 years ago. While I was visiting, we were hit twice with overnight MCS’s. There was very heavy rain and Thursday night’s storm brought some strong winds to the area. It reminded me of 1993, the year of the floods. We had so many overnight thunderstorm complexes that it felt like the whole state of Iowa was under water. Thankfully, it does not look like the stormy trend will continue.

Now, back to our weather. Take a look at the radar as the rain was beginning to move in.

A few light showers were working into the metro area with all the heavy rain and thunderstorms well to our south. There are severe thunderstorm watches and flash flood watches across Illinois. The strong storms are staying south of us closer to a stationary front. That has been the focal point for storms for the last four of five days.

We have been quite fortunate in southern Wisconsin to have an absence of severe weather this spring. Last spring and summer was also very quiet. Don’t put your guard down as severe storms are possible here throughout the summer.

No severe storms in our forecast, but plenty of clouds. Monday and Tuesday look pretty cloudy, but summer-like weather will return by the end of the week.

The eighties will be back on Thursday and Friday. The above image is a forecast temperature map for Friday afternoon on the GFS. Isolated storms will be possible next weekend, but at this point it looks pretty good.

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4 Responses

  1. It’s sometimes difficult to remember that weathermen don’t “make” the weather, they just report it. June has always been my favorite month, but not this year. It’s one cloudy, gloomy, cool, foggy day after the other this year. My garden looks so sad. Any chances of this weather pattern changing anytime soon?

    We are coming up on mid-June already and there certainly has not been a whole lot of nice weather this month.

    Sorry, but I had to just get that off my chest. You guys do a good job…just the wrong kind of weather for June.

    • Cliff, I understand your frustration. You will enjoy Wednesday-Friday. Try to remember how nice our spring was. It looks pretty mild for awhile aftter today. You may be surprised that June is 2 degrees above normal. Most of that because of warm overnight lows.


  2. If you’re looking for warmer temps, typically the nine week period from June 20 – August 21 is the warmest of the year. Of the last 4 years (including last year’s very cool compared to average summer) the fewest 80+ degree days we’ve had is 30. The most sub 70 degree days is only 4 (also last summer).

    I’m sure Mark and Jeremy can help you a lot more than I can, but I thought I’d just throw that in to help relieve your worries.

    • Daniel,

      Nice work. I appreciate your response.


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