Dreary weather continues, but not for long

Are you as tired as I am of seeing a visible satellite that looks like this over Wisconsin. We had a few peeks of sun in the morning and the evening, but most of today we were locked in the clouds again. It is fairly unusual to have this many cloudy days in a row in Wisconsin in June. We have been close enough to the stationary front to bring the clouds and showers the last three days. In addition to the clouds we have had three days of onshore flow bringing the lake cooled air inland.

The stationary front was responsible today in bringing flooding rains to Oklahoma where some areas received 10 inches of rain in about 4 hours. We can be thankful that front has stayed far enough south and kept us from the severe storms and heavy rain.

We have one more day of clouds and showers before high pressure finally moves in to clear us out. If we have some sunshine breaking through in the morning tomorrow, we may be able to kick off a few storms. Take a look at the RPM computer model forecast for noon Tuesday.

We’ll keep a close eye on the possibility of storms tomorrow, but severe weather is not likely.

You may be surprised to know that even with the last few cool days, June is still 2 degrees above average. Most of that warmth has come from above average low temperatures. Precipitation has been above normal for the month by .70″. For 2010, we are still 3.22″ below average mainly due to a very dry March.

Temperatures will skyrocket on Thursday and Friday with 90 degrees possible on Friday if the expected storms stay to the west. Summer lovers will be happy again. Thanks for reading.



3 Responses

  1. To add to Mark’s comment about the lows being above average, counting today we have had 26 straight days with lows at or above average and you have to go back even further to May 10 to find a low that was more than 2 degrees below average.

    • Daniel,

      I am going to have to hire you as our climatologist.



    • I would have to check for sure, but a similar trend likely exists from early April back through March.

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