Heavy Rain Recap & Severe Weather Ahead?

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog.  Often when people think of severe weather, this is what comes to mind: Tornadoes, Hail, Damaging Winds, & Hurricanes.  One severe weather aspect that should never be overlooked, and most years is the deadliest in the U.S., is flooding.

In the past two weeks many individuals have lost their lives in flash floods here in the U.S.  The two most notable events occurred in Arkansas and also in Oklahoma City.  While no where near the scope of those events, Tuesday’s heavy rain in Milwaukee did create problems and served as a reminder that flooding can and will occur with little to no warning.  1″-2″ of rain in a short amount of time fell in central and northern parts of Milwaukee.

The heavy rain led to standing water in low spots, some flooded streets, and likely some wet basements.  I was out in the rain streaming live video to WISN.com during the event.  I also took some pictures and got video from our viewers while driving around Milwaukee.  Before we check that out, let’s look at how much rain fell.

Below is the NEXRAD radar rainfall estimates from Tuesday.

Officially at Mitchell airport in Milwaukee, only 0.43″ was recorded.  Keep in mind that is located on the south side of the city.

Now to some pictures and video of my experience in the rain.  First, while checking out reports of manhole covers being blown off of the deep water tunnels near 10th and Pierce, Kitt Saenthavisouk showed me this video that he allowed us to share.  Just click the link below, it’s great!


After stopping at this location, we headed to the intersection of Chase and Rosedale in Bay View.  Here we came across a closed road due to standing water.  The water was much higher when it was raining, but we arrived about an hour after the rain had stopped. 

If you have pictures or video to share, we’d love to see them!  Just load your pictures and video to the U-Local section of WISN.com and who knows, you may see your images on WISN 12 News!

No onto the weather, and finally some good news for about 36-48 hours.  The sun made an appearance on Wednesday and pushed high temperatures to around 80 in many backyards.  The warm-up continues for Thursday and Friday. 

Highs should be around 80 on Thursday, with cooler temperatures near the lake with a southeast wind.  By Friday, winds shift to the south-southwest and dew points will jump into the mid to upper 60s.  Combine this with temperatures in the 85-90 degree range, and it will feel hot!

With a cold front running into this airmass, thunderstorms will flare up in the afternoon/evening on Friday.  We will need to watch this closely as some of the storm may be strong to severe.  Below is the outlook from the Storm Prediction Center for Friday.  The slight risk area is over our entire viewing area. 

As more data comes in we will update the chances for storms on Friday.  Also, please stay updated to the weekend forecast.  Another front may hang close to the region.  Remember, if clouds or an east wind develop, temperatures will be cooler than currently forecast.  This is something we will also update in the coming hours and days.

Jeremy Nelson


10 Responses

  1. OK guys…where is that promised sunshine? Up here in northern Dodge County we’ve had nothing but low dark clouds all day, some producing some raindrops, enough to get everything all wet. I keep looking west hoping to see some blue sky and sunshine, but only more dark clouds. This morning Sally promised us a day of sunshine.

    • Cliff,

      I saw Sally this morning too and it was sunshine with some clouds. I’m guessing she didn’t think there would be sprinkles, but you do have some nearby on radar right now. Just an FYI…I don’t see any days with complete sunshine on the horizon. I think Thursday is dry, then thunderstorms may be possible for Friday and into the weekend. Remember when I said expect a active month of June, and that it would be the wettest month of the summer? I’ll have to dig up that blog entry soon.


    • Sounds like the northern viewing area got shafted today the most. Here in New Berlin there has been a good deal of sun mixed with the clouds up until about an hour ago… now mostly cloudy. At least warmth will be in abundance the next week and potentially hot stuff for late next week if some of these long range models have any truth to them.

  2. When, when, when will we see a dry stretch of weather?

    • There may be a dry day here and there, but overall from Friday to the end of the month it looks WET! Jeremy

  3. Prepare for the yahoo parade [infestation of amateur chasers] in the Northern Plains the next few days. Minnesota gets there severe outbreak potential tomorrow and Wisconsin has a shot on Friday.

    Seems instability and low level shear will be adequate for strong/severe weather, and with the boundary to focus convection and good bulk shear, I think areas in the western part of the viewing area could have something to keep an eye on Friday afternoon/evening – and could move into broader coverage in WI later on. LCLs will be around 1000 meters which brings the cloud bases closer to the surface.

    Something to watch…

    • Our in-house computer model…which I have been showing on air is hinting at some supercell(ish) looking t-storms on Friday. The timing will be key. I’m guessing our morning convection on Friday will play a small role on our afternoon stuff come Friday. Could it be our first real severe weather of 2010 in S.E. WI? Jeremy

      • Based on the synoptic pattern, I think the atmosphere will recover fairly quickly.

      • 00Z NAM wants to put an MCS just south of our area to start the day. Interesting twist. Jeremy

      • And there may indeed be a MCS, but timing is questionable. I think it may be clearing out by 12z leaving several hours of clearing allowing for some surface CAPE to build up. More than anything, the MUCAPE is the most impressive.

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