Severe Storms Blow Through…Viewer Photos

The first true round of severe weather hit southeast Wisconsin Friday afternoon.  A bow echo blasted through Walworth, Racine, Kenosha, and parts of Waukesha and Milwaukee counties.  The result was lots of downed trees, loss of power, and some minor street flooding.  Here are a few storms reports:

  • Milwaukee Mitchell Airport  66 mph wind gust (measured)
  • Lake Geneva  63 mph wind gust (mesonet)
  • Kenosha  60 mph wind gust (estimated)

Storm related viewer photos have been pouring into the U-Local section of  Just click on the link below to view the gallery.

Here are a few of around 200 pictures that have been posted already!

The first picture is of a trampoline that really had some bounce from Bryan Kubel in Muskego.  The wind threw the trampoline into the neighbors tree!  Click on any of the photos to enlarge.

The next photo is of a roof peeled off a barn.  Not sure where this was, but we did get a report of a roof off a structure in Kenosha.

The leading edge of the storm produced a great looking shelf cloud.  Often times people confuse the lowerings on the shelf cloud as funnels or possible tornadoes.  This is not the part of a thunderstorm where a tornado is likely to occur.

This great picture is courtesy of Mark Michels of Cudahy. 

Again, these are just a few of the awesome pictures we received.  Look for more on our WISN 12 newscasts!  A huge thank you to everyone who sent in pictures and storm reports Friday afternoon on U-Local, Facebook – WeatherWatch12, Twitter – WISN12News, and also on our LIVE Streaming chat that we had open during the worst of the weather!

Any leftover showers and thunderstorms will move out of the area leaving a great start to the weekend!  A west breeze should push highs into the 80s on Saturday with some sunshine.  Cloudier, cooler, and possible some showers return for Sunday.  The early part of the coming week looks wet!

For the updated weekend forecast, make sure to watch WISN 12 News.

Jeremy Nelson


4 Responses

  1. Jeremy,

    Thanks for putting my photo on the air! Its funny how you guys kept on mentioning it throughout the newscast… and it was shown twice! lol! People that we know from my old school but never really talk to stopped us at Walmart this evening and asked about the picture. They said its spreading like wildfire over Facebook!

    I wish I had some wind gust numbers to share with you but I don’t. All I can say it was really bad this afternoon. A person a few houses down had a large tree split in half, and more branches were down on Woods road, west of Muskego High. You couldn’t get into Muskego County Park for a while until the waters over the entrance receded. Overall, we seemed to get alot of damage in western Muskego today.


    • Bryan,

      Thanks for the picture! We are showing it again tonight at 10p. The south side of the metro was hit with winds of 55-70mph. Lots of trees down from your area to Kenosha.

      Glad everyone is okay!


  2. While we were glad that the nasty weather missed us here in northern Dodge County, we did enjoy the lightening show last night in the southern sky.

    • Cliff,

      The lightning was awesome around 9pm last night. Glad the 2nd round of severe missed our area.


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