Friday’s storm chase…and more storms to come

After yesterday’s rough weather, I hope all of you are enjoying the fantastic weather today. It’s still warm, but less humidity and a nice breeze making for a great day.

Yesterday was a fun day for me. Normally when we have severe storms I stay in the studio, but yesterday I was able to talk my boss into letting me go chase the storms. My photographer, Jim Crump, and I, did not capture the damaging winds in person, but saw plenty of downed trees in Racine. The storm reports were pretty impressive with Mukwonago measuring a 76 mph wind gust. Mitchell International had a 66 mph wind gust and many other areas in the southern counties had winds around 50-60 miles per hour. Over 20,000 people lost power with trees falling on power lines. Wisconsin was not the only area with damaging winds. Take a look at the storm reports from yesterday.

All the blue dots are reports of damaging winds. The black dots are winds greater than 75 mph. Believe it or not, I think that we were actually lucky to get the first round of severe weather. That helped stabilize our atmosphere and keep the later round of storms to our south. I think if we had only had the second round of storms, it would have likely been even more severe. The atmosphere would have been very unstable.

I want to take you on our storm chasing trip through a few pictures taken as we were moving along.

This was a picture of the shelf cloud as we were driving south on I-94 heading into Racine county. Shelf clouds are the leading edge of the thunderstorms and often are an indicator that strong winds are about to arrive.

We made our way to wind point. It lived up to its’ name as the storms moved in. We had wind gusts to 40 mph, but no damage for us. By the way, this is one of the prettiest spots in Wisconsin. Check it out sometime.

When we were at Wind Point, we heard of numerous reports of trees down in Racine.

We made our way to the southwest side of Racine and witnessed about 50 large trees and tree limbs knocked to the ground.

This was the largest tree we found. It thankfully missed the house, but did not down power lines.

Now to the forecast. It looks like we will squeak out a great day again on Sunday before rain returns Sunday night. It will be cooler with a southeasterly wind, but still beautiful. 75 near the lake. 80 inland.

Thanks for reading.



3 Responses

  1. Any guess on how much rain we could get this coming week? Will we see inches after inches like to our South?

    • Lori,

      It all depends on track of the big clusters of storms (MCS’s) that are expected. 2″+ is certainly possible.


  2. …the last 10 days of the month…should be active

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