New Muskego Tornado Pictures

The damage from Monday evening’s tornadoes has been incredible!  Since the tornado occurred after dark, there have been no pictures or video of the tornado until now.

Storm chaser Mark Michels from South Milwaukee shared his video and pictures with WISN 12 News.  Mark’s video shows the tornado as having multiple vortices, as it approached Muskego.  The lightning flashes were the only way to view the tornado in the dark.  Mark was positioned near the intersection of I-43 and Highway 164 looking west.

Here are two images of the tornado as it moved toward Muskego. Again, these are courtesy of Mark Michels.

Again, toward the center of the pictures, notice the multiple vortex tornado.  These two pictures were just seconds apart of the video which is about 2 minutes in length.

In the video there is also a highway and interstate sign showing the intersection of I-43 and Highway 164.  Here is the story that we aired on WISN 12 News, including some of the video.

Below is the tornado path that was determined by the National Weather Service.  Look where they determined it started, about right where Mark was shooting the video.

Here is a picture of Mark as he was describing his chase to me as an EF-1 tornado headed right toward him.  And yes, he said it was scary chasing at night.

Let me know your thoughts on the pictures!  Just leave your thoughts and questions in the comments section of the blog.

Jeremy Nelson


4 Responses

  1. This may sound like a stupid question but where exactly is the tornado in the pictures, the two things in the middle, or the large black spots on either en of the pic? It’s hard to tell on a phone.

    • The two things in the middle are the vortices. On the video it is clearer. But it is only visible for a fraction of a second several different times when the lightning flashes. So the stills are about the best way to see it.


  2. Jeremy, great stuff. I live on the south side of Field Drive, Muskego and experienced the whole thing when it came through the back half of our three acre lot, huge difference in tree damage from our front yard, very little, versus our back yard, lost six trees 30-60 feet tall. I was wondering if you know the name(s) of the the Nat. Weather Service reps that were in Muskego assessing the situation, post-storm? Direct observations when it hit and now noticing a damage pattern south of Field Drive going ESE, I was interested if they could provide answers. Kudo’s to both you and Mark Michels for your effort, and the content of this article!!!!!!

    • John,

      The inconsistent damage pattern may be due to the multiple vortices we see in these pictures. Rusty Kapela was one of the NWS employees that helped with the damage surveys. Glad you are okay and I hope the cleanup goes well! Jeremy

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