Cool Now, But Not For Long

It was a chilly morning across the state. Way up north in Land O’ Lakes, it was 32 degrees this morning. Here are some of the lows around the state.

No record lows, but certainly much cooler than average. Most of you have welcomed the cooler air mass. We get to enjoy it for one more day, before the warmer air starts to return. The 80s will be back for the holiday weekend. At this point, it looks like mother nature’s fireworks should hold off until Monday. It will be hot on the 4th with some areas approaching 90 with plenty of humidity around.

June has ended nicely, but it certainly was a wet and warm month. Temperatures were around 3 degrees above normal. Precipitation was way above normal. Some areas picked up more than ten inches of rain. Take a look at the radar estimate.

Here are some of the monthly totals:

Sheboygan Sheboygan 3.74
Port Washington Ozaukee 4.47
Cedarburg Ozaukee 5.89
Milwaukee Milwaukee 6.93
Racine Racine 6.92
Waterford Racine 9.88
Kenosha Kenosha 3.98
Brookfield Waukesha 8.81
Waukesha Waukesha 11.11
Oconomowoc Waukesha 10.45
MKX-Sullivan Jefferson 12.75
Jefferson Jefferson 10.60
Watertown Jefferson 11.64
Palmyra Jefferson 9.53
Fort Atkinson Jefferson 8.81
Lake Mills Jefferson 10.38
Whitewater Jefferson/Walworth 10.61
Waterloo Jefferson 10.11
Milton Rock 8.66
Monroe Green 8.56
Blanchardville Lafayette 6.86
Sauk City Sauk 9.42
Dodgeville Iowa 8.78
Madison Dane 8.38
Lodi Columbia 9.08
Beaver Dam Dodge 5.25
Hartford Washington 4.65
Fond du Lac Fond du Lac 6.58
Berlin Green Lake 6.66
Montello Marquette 6.55

I want to thank the National Weather Service in Sullivan for the rainfall information. The wet June helped us catch up to our yearly deficit. We have received 15.94″ for the year leaving us just .55″ below normal. We came into June with a three-inch deficit. Now we will have to watch out for mosquitos and fast growing grass. If you are like me, your lawn has become a jungle. The rain that came about every other day has kept everything nice and green. Now the sunshine is helping it grow even faster.

Enjoy the beautiful weather.



2 Responses

  1. Amazing run of 40 straight lows at or above average came to an end the night before last. With how above average this month was in terms of highs (18 days… even more than that for inland areas) and lows it is hard to understand how we didn’t hit 90 once. I’m starting to think back in early 2008 someone built an anti-hot dome over the region and it can’t be penetrated except for when it was down for maintenance those two days last year in late June.

    • Way to go stats man. I love your additions. Thanks.


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