Happy and Hot 4th…Wet 5th.

Happy 4th of July to everyone especially our veterans. I had the honor of riding in the Cedarburg parade with a veteran of the Korean war today.

This was Erv in his 2002 Ford Thunderbird.  My girls and I had a wonderful time in the parade. The Cedarburg parade is fantastic. Huge crowds and such a perfect setting. It was certainly a little warm today. Milwaukee hit 90 degrees for the second time this year.

I wanted to include a few of the pictures from this morning. What a great day.

Now, on to this evening and beyond. It looks like most of the fireworks celebrations will be dry. It is going to be very close though. Rain is surrounding our area.

The focus for showers and storms is the cold front to our west. This front is going to put on the brakes and hang around into Wednesday. That means we have a good chance of showers/storms through Wednesday. My concern is the possibility of heavy rain. We have plenty of tropical moisture to play with. Take a look at the RPM computer model estimating the expected rainfall.

The scariest amounts of rain stay south and west of us in the waterlogged portions of Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa where some spots could get more than 5″ of rain. Around here, one to two inches of rain is possible over the next three days. It is not going to rain constantly, but we need to keep our umbrellas around for through Wednesday.

Have a wonderful holiday. Thanks for reading.



2 Responses

  1. Well..we got the spoiler this evening as much of the day was largely dry, until the sun set…then the rain came. I am not sure I will see sun for a few days. Shortwaves riding up seem to be slowing the front some, prolonging the rain for our area.

    Does not seem to be a shortage of moisture to share all the way up into southern Canada.

    • Don’t get too waterlogged. Nice precipitable water right now.

      Happy belated 4th, scott.


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