Bonus morning, but rain awaits

It was a bonus morning with the rain staying west and sunshine peeking through. I started talking about the forecast improving last night on 12 news at ten. This was especially nice with most of you having the day off today. Showers are pushing in this afternoon, but many areas only picking up a quick shower. More rain is on the way, but the heaviest rain still looks to stay in western and central Wisconsin. It is another muggy day, but we won’t make it back to 90. Yesterday, we had a high of 91. That was our warmest day of the year. The only other 90 came on May 30th.

The same frontal boundary is hanging around again today, but far enough west to keep the heaviest rain there.

As for the rain to come, the Hydrological Meteorological Prediction center is still bullish on our area picking up quite a bit of rain the next few days.

The HPC is calling for the possibility of as much as three inches of rain through Thursday. I think this may be a little overdone, but I am concerned about the heavy rain in Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa. This will likely lead to more flooding problems there.

As for our own local computer model, the RPM, take a look:

The RPM is maxing out around two inches in our area. You will notice the heavier amounts expected around Kansas City. This does match up pretty well with HPC.

If you want a break from the high dew points, it is going to be awhile. The same stalled front sticks around into Thursday before being kicked out by a cold front. That cold front will bring more comfortable air on Friday and Saturday.

There are more fireworks celebrations tonight. I think most of those will be ok with the majority of the rain holding off until the overnight.

Have a great day and thanks for reading.



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  1. Looking back, I don’t think it rained at all during the whole 11 days of Summerfest. Well, it rained overnight both days of the first weekend and into that Sunday morning, but the actual hours it was in progress I think it was a clean sweep. Only one truly hot and humid day too, so this had to be one of, if not the best weather the event has ever had.

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