Weekend Rain Chance(s) & June Record Recap

***Watch WISN 12 News at 5, 6, & 10 p.m. for the latest weather information!***

Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog!  The weekend is here!  And the good news is that it should start dry, and have many more dry hours versus those with raindrops.

A weak disturbance will slide thru southeast Wisconsin on Saturday, and it could trigger a few showers or t-storms.  That disturbance was producing some isolated showers and t-storms in the Dakotas on Friday.  Below is the visible satellite showing the weak disturbance that will slide our way for Saturday. 

Saturday will start dry with sunshine and temps in the 60s to low 70s.  By afternoon, a few puffy cumulus clouds could build into isolated showers and thunderstorms.  Our in-house computer model is putting some spotty showers and storms across the area at 5 p.m. Saturday.  The image below makes it seems like a widespread rain, but keep in mind the light green represents light rain, or isolated activity.  Just click on the image to enlarge.

As of this writing I would put the rain chance for Saturday afternoon/early evening at 30% for southeast Wisconsin.  By Sunday, a cold front will push into western Wisconsin.  It will not arrive in our area until Sunday evening, or more likely very early Monday.  Ahead of the front temperatures will warm into the upper 80s, and the humidity will also increase.

So far July has only brought about 0.75″ of rain to Milwaukee…but isolated pockets have picked up 2″ or more of rain.  July is coming on the heels of what turned out to be the wettest June ever across the upper Midwest.  Check out the June regional rainfall ranks from the Climate Prediction Center.

In June, Milwaukee finished with almost 7.00″ of rain!  Some spots in the upper Midwest had over a foot of rain!  That much rain is never welcome.

As we move into the weekend, make sure to watch WISN 12 News for the latest weather information and all the latest data! 

Have a great weekend!

Jeremy Nelson


6 Responses

  1. Jeremy~Do you think July is going to set a record for the wettest in the upper midwest as well?

    • Lori,

      No. The pattern is not set up for another extensive period of wet weather. A few pockets could be wet in July across the upper Midwest, but nothing widespread at this point. Jeremy

  2. Records..shmecords. With the wettest June ever, still half the state is “abnormally” dry or in some sort of drought?


    I know I know..it is all about historical conditions spanning years and decades to classify a drought, but why update it on a weekly basis then?

    Yes, I know it is about how much rain is collected in the reservoirs and other factors…but it seems odd.

    Something just seems odd that in spite of a record rainfall, there would be a drought in the same area. Makes no sense to me. LOL

    • Does seem a little odd. Jeremy

    • I think part of it may be that the hardest hit area was in Iowa. Even though we were pretty wet here in SE Wisconsin, I doubt it was that close to being a record here. In fact, two years ago we had as much rain in a 24-36 hour period on June 7-8 than we had the entire month of June 2010.

      So I’m guessing that northern Wisconsin and the upper peninsula probably weren’t near record status either, but I haven’t really been focusing on what’s happening there so don’t quote me on that.

      • Here’s the actual stats from the airport for those dates and the month.

        June 7-8 rainfall… 7.18 inches
        June 2008 rainfall… 12.27 inches.

        So this wet June was not much over half of what we got in June 2008.

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