“Lake Michigan Mountain”?

What in the world is this? I received these and numerous pictures from Steven J. in Sheboygan yesterday as the storms were moving in. It looks like a mountain in the lake. Very cool picture, but what is going on?

My theory is that there was fog over the lake as the storm was moving in, the inflow into the thunderstorm picked up the fog and created the awesome mountain-like feature over the lake. The fog formed as the warm and sticky air moved over the cooler waters of the lake…especially away from the shoreline. Here is a wide view:

Now, on to the next round. Here we go again. The storms arriving late afternoon and evening. Severe weather is not anticipated, but heavy rain is possible with the storms.

This is a radar picture of Wisconsin showing isolated storms popping up in SE Wisconsin with steadier showers and storms across the central part of the state. A third round is closer to the weak cool front that will move through tonight.

The cool front will bring cooler weather the next few days with highs near 80. Thanks for reading and have a great day.



7 Responses

  1. Great pictures!

  2. I saw that yesterday as well, as I was in Sheboygan. I also have some great storm pictures, but I haven’t uploaded them yet. I was wondering what some good websites are for finding model forecasts as well, such as the GFS/NAM.

  3. Thanks Mark. I sent my pictures to the e-mail in the last blog update.

  4. Robert – you could add this link to your bookmarks as well.


    I used the UCAR site frequently for surface obs etc…

  5. cool pics that looked awesome

  6. Sveet pics

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