Heavy Rain & More Heat

***Watch WISN 12 News for the latest weather information!***

Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog.  The heavy rain that poured down across southeast Wisconsin from Wednesday evening into Thursday morning was incredible!  Rain totals exceeded 5″ in many locations!  If you have a total to share, please post it to the comments section of the blog.

Scenes like the one below were common across southeast Wisconsin Thursday morning.  This picture from Jackson shows street flooding as a result of 4.00″ of rain.

Let’s start by looking at a list of totals from around the region.

  • Glendale  5.75″
  • Shorewood  5.00″
  • Brookfield  5.00″
  • Pewaukee  5.00″
  • Wauwatosa  4.45″
  • Watertown  4.25″
  • Holy Hill  4.12″
  • Jackson  4.00″
  • West Bend 3.90″
  • Mequon  3.46″
  • Elkhart Lake  3.40″
  • Beaver Dam  3.37″
  • Sullivan  3.18″
  • West Allis  3.00″
  • Oconomowoc  2.93″
  • Milwaukee Mitchell  2.74″
  • Kenosha  1.14″
  • Racine  1.03″

Those are some of the totals that we received in the blog and also on Facebook.  We will be sharing your totals on WISN 12 News throughout the day.

The NEXRAD radar also gives rainfall estimates.  Here is the map showing the estimated rain totals from this latest storm.  Milwaukee is marked with an ‘*’.  Just click to enlarge.

Any break from dew points close to 70 degrees will likely be short-lived.  More heat and humidity will move back into the region for Friday and Saturday.  Expect highs close to 90 each day.  I am still expecting temperatures to warm into the mid-90s sometime later next week.  We’ll keep a close eye on the set-up.

Right now we need time to dry out, it looks like we should stay dry until Sunday.  That’s when the next round of storms will head our way.

Have a great day and watch WISN 12 News for the latest!

Jeremy Nelson


7 Responses

  1. Wicked ring of fire showing up toward the end of the month.

    • Game, set, match. Looks like above average rainfall for Milwaukee for the summer. Temps sure to follow suit. Jeremy

  2. Temps certainly. You will begin drying out..but you are right at the summer average right now. You will get more rain, but August could prove to be drier as well.

    Hard to tell when we get into late July/August.

    Seems like the earlier forecasts elsewhere I saw were going for a cooler summer? Did I read that right?

    • That CPC forecast of a good chance of below average temps is not working out very well. As I mentioned in May when I made the summer forecast, it is tough to end a trend of 5-6 months worth of above average temps when the pattern is known. Jeremy

  3. I was wondering why it appears that WISN is ignoring the fact that Waukesha County is still under a Flood Warning? I commented on this recently on Facebook on 2 different posts, and got no response. And now on wisn.com, the only alert listed is one for Milwaukee County. The Flood Warning (not advisory) can be verified at weather.gov

    • Hi, Andrew,
      I mentioned this on the 5pm show. We are monitoring the Fox River closely. Thanks.

  4. Jeremy~

    I am worried about the week ahead, alot of storms to get through. Are we going to see several inches of rain? The area is so saturated already!

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