100% Sunshine & Small Rain Chances

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Weather conditions look perfect for Thursday with nearly 100% sunshine, lower humidity, and slightly cooler temperatures.  It certainly is hard to beat a late July day in Wisconsin with highs in the upper 70s!

The visible satellite below from around 8 a.m. Thursday shows the clear skies in southeast Wisconsin, but clouds gathering over the Dakotas.  The clouds to our west will begin streaming into our area on Friday.  So enjoy the sunshine for today!

Question marks begin to enter the forecast on Friday.  With a warm front pushing into the Midwest, a chance of showers and thunderstorms will increase over Minnesota and Iowa.  A few of those showers and t-storms may move east.  The question is whether they reach southeast Wisconsin.  Right now it looks like any rain will hold off until late Friday.  Rain chances will be around 30%.  Don’t cancel any outdoor plans, but just be aware that a shower can’t be ruled out.

Again on Saturday a chance of showers and thunderstorms will be possible, but not likely!  Saturday’s rain chance looks like it will be mainly in the afternoon.  The good news both days is that no widespread heavy rain is anticipated. 

Below is a rainfall forecast through Saturday from the RPM computer model.  Notice that not all locations see rain in the next 2 days.  Just use the image below as guidance, because with summertime rain and storms pinpointing the exact location is very difficult.  


If you are heading to the African World Festival on the Summerfest grounds, or attending the Racine County Fair, much of this weekend looks dry!

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Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


6 Responses

  1. Most inland areas have now seen 28 straight days of high temperatures hitting 80 degrees. To me, this may be the more amazing story of the month than the record rainfall because months with heavy rain totals have occurred a handful of times before, but sustained warmth like this never has.

  2. 100% sunshine. LOL.

    Daniel – good point. Looks like the seasonal average for 80+ days for Milwaukee is 16 days over the summer.


    In looking at the NWS data, it appears that there have been 23 days this month above 80 degrees, but not in a row.

    And August is still to come where the first two weeks a large ridge begins to build in the Plains…

    • That’s why I had to mention “inland” in my summary because the official Milwaukee temp is taken at Mitchell airport which is less than 3 miles from the lake and that has played just enough of a factor to keep a few of those days between 77 and 79, but anywhere about 10+ miles inland has not seen a high temp below 80 since July 1. I use a handful of sources to verify that the findings are as close to 100% as possible.

      As far as a truly official stat though, Chicago has broken its longest 80+ degree streak ever by getting their 28th today as well and if they can manage an 80 tomorrow (which will be close), they are off to the races in obliterating that record because the area may not see a sub 80 day again for at least the next 7-10 or even more days as you mentioned with that ridge building in.

      • Daniel,
        It certainly has been a warm stretch, but if you look back to 1988 it does not compare. 1988 had numerous 100 degree readings and many more days in the 90s. There were a few brief breaks. The ridge looks to hold for at least two more weeks. That would make it nice and toasty around here. I can only imagine how warm we would be if we had had a dry summer.

  3. Oh, I remember that summer of 88′ well and nothing will ever compare to that, but this year has more sustainability in general warmth. It’s even more remarkable to have so many 80+ days going all the way back into May (even April), yet have only five 90+ days and nothing above 91 so far this year. Even that heat wave Jeremy was so sure was going to happen a week ago failed to materialize. My joke about us being under a regional dome that repels extreme heat doesn’t sound too far fetched when looking back at the last three summers.

    • Daniel,

      It is tough for us to get into mid 90s with the high dewpoints we have had.



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