Tracking Rain & Less Humid Days

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog!  More warm and humid weather returned to the region on Monday.  The high humidity and warmer temperatures will hang around through Wednesday.

The big question from this writing through Tuesday evening is how much rain will fall.  A big dome of hot and humid air is sitting just to our south.  Parts of the Midwest saw heat indices climb to 123 degees on Monday afternoon! 

Below is the surface map at 4 p.m.  The heat index of 118 was located in Falls City, Nebraska which is in the far southeast corner of the state.  At 4 p.m. the air temperature was 95 degrees and the dew point was 82!  Yikes!  Just click on the map to enlarge.

Topping the heat index of 118 was a sultry 123 degrees in Marshall, MO at 7 p.m.  At that time it was 95 degrees with a dew point of 84 degrees!  Ouch!

With plenty of heat and moisture sitting over the Midwest, the fuel is in place for thunderstorms.  The question is, where do the storms form.  Storms love warm air and moisture, so they will try to stay as close to the moisture source as possible.  That is why I believe that the focus for heavy rain should remain over Iowa and Illinois tonight and Tuesday.

Southern Wisconsin could still see some showers and t-storms, some of which may produce heavy downpours.  But the widespread heavy rain should just miss our area this go around.  Below is a rainfall forecast from our high resolution computer model.  Notice show areas from Madison east to Milwaukee and then south to the Illinois border could see a half to one inch of rain.  This is only if thunderstorms form. 

Another tricky rainfall forecast since some areas will see no rain, and others could pick up over a half inch of rain.  Any rain chance should exit the area late Tuesday.

Remember to track the rain at your home or office, just click on our interactive radar link below.

Expect the dew points around 70 to persist through Wednesday.  By Thursday some relief will begin working in, and it will also be slightly cooler.

Make sure to watch WISN 12 News for the latest radar updates and rainfall forecasts!

Jeremy Nelson


4 Responses

  1. 100/75 today. Ugh. Just west of us in Kansas – 105-110 degrees. The same thing that makes it hurt outside is the thing keeping KC a bit cooler – that darn dewpoint being so high. Heaven help us if we get dry air.

    • I like the 95 over 84 in Marshall…nice 123 degree heat index! I saw MCI was 99.


  2. Today (8/3) has got to be one of the worst heat and humidity indexes we’ve had this summer. Up until today I have not used the AC since fans were sufficient to cool things down…not today. Looking forward to the cool front later in the week to bring humidity levels down.

    • Cliff,

      I saw the dew point in Milwaukee hit 74 at one point today. At least we are not dealing with 90s for temps!


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