Less Humid Air On The Way, Hooray!!

A steamy Wednesday across SE Wisconsin. Temperatures were held to around 80 thanks to the clouds, but the dew points have been running in the upper 60s again. Thankfully, a cool front is pushing through the area right now and that will allow a slow decrease in the dew p0int as drier air works in from the northwest. Take a look at the current dew points across the country.

It could be a lot worse. Dew points just to our south are running in the middle 70s. That is truly tropical air. We fortunately missed out on the heavy rain that stayed just to our south in Chicago today. Heat warnings are in effect across Missouri and Illinois with the heat index rising into the 110s. Yuck!

I will be watching this warm and sticky air mass closely because there is a chance it could make it into Wisconsin by next Monday. In the meantime, enjoy the more comfortable air mass moving in. It will still be warm on Thursday, but the start of state fair will at least have a nice breeze and a dew point closer to 60.

Jeremy talked about the possibility of the northern lights in his blog yesterday. We did not get to see them last night around here, but there is another chance tonight. Take a look at a picture sent to the blog yesterday from Zaphod. It is from the web site, spaceweather.com.  The picture is from Denmark…the country, not Denmark ,Wisconsin.

I can’t promise that we will see anything like that around here, but it certainly worth looking for late tonight. Have a wonderful day and check out tomorrow’s blog talking about near record warmth in Lake Michigan. Thanks for reading. Mark


4 Responses

  1. The heat and humidity index today certainly wasn’t anything like yesterday. It was a much more tolerable day. Yesterday I could see the humid haze hanging in the air. I’m looking forward to the cool front moving through here in NE Dodge County. I didn’t see anything mentioned about cool front related showers. Is the cool front going to come through pretty much as a dry front? I see on the radar a few little showers popping up but nothing major.

    • Cliff, it is already through. Not much more than a wind shift and a gradual push of drier air. Thanks.

  2. I wonder what the records are for days with 65+ and 70+ dew points. I can’t help but think we have a shot at breaking that this year.

    • Daniel,

      Good question. I have no idea what the record would be. That would take a long time in researching. I think this summer would certainly rank near the top.

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