Toasty Lake Michigan

What a great way to start the State Fair. The weather is beautiful with lower humidity and a nice breeze. It is still warm with temps in the low to mid 80s, but a lot better than it has been lately.

Did any of you see the northern lights last night? So far, I have not seen any pictures from our area, but want to pass along a picture from Tuesday night in Chippewa Falls.

Tony Wilder shared these pictures on There is a slight chance of seeing the aurora again tonight. Please share any pictures you get.

Nice and clear for tonight and a beautiful day for Friday. Saturday still looks nice, but the humidity starts to creep back up. Sunday into next week looks hot and humid with highs near 90 and chances for storms each day. Jeremy will have much more on this starting in tomorrow’s blog.

Have you had a chance to swim in Lake Michigan this year? Normally, most of you would say no way it is too cold. However, due to the warmer than normal temperatures this summer and relatively light winds the last few weeks, the lake water is running near record temperatures. Because the winds have been light, the warm water has been allowed to stay at the surface. When there are stronger winds, upwelling occurs bringing the colder, deeper waters to the surface. Here is a look at the current lake temperatures.

Most of the lake temperatures are in the upper 70s. These temperatures usually don’t happen until late August. The mid-lake buoy on Sunday hit 80 degrees. This is one degree shy of the record set back on August 18th, 1995. With warm temperatures in the forecast next week, the lake may hit the record. Thanks for reading and have a great day.



6 Responses

  1. A bit more info on Lake Michigan…nothing more really…

    Side note – NOAA dropped their hurricane forecast this year. What a hoax. Their initial forecast was greatly overstated to start with. I wonder if/when the other long range gurus follow suite.

    • Don’t count on it, Scott. They are stuck in their ways.

      Have a good one.

    • Joe from Accuweather just did an article sticking by his original prediction of a large number of tropical systems saying that the season usually doesn’t ramp up until later in August. He either has a point or is too proud to admit defeat… I guess we’ll see.

      As for our weather… figures the second week of August will likely bring us our hottest week of the year. It was one of only two periods last year (the other being late June) that was quite warm as well.

      • Bastardi typically likes being on an island. We shall see. I know we were not as bullish on this tropical season giving equal chances of being normal to above normal. Certainly we did not go for “record” potential such as 2005.

  2. Your sky’s cooler than mine. No fair. 😦

    • Nicole,

      Good to hear from you. Enjoy your blast furnace heat in KC this week!


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