Checking out the International Space Station

A beautiful Monday to everyone. It is wonderful to step outside into the refreshing, dry air mass. Dew points were in the upper 40s for much of the day. After last week’s heat and humidity, this feels great. A reinforcing shot of cool and dry air will move in late tonight. Take a look at the surface map. 


The air is even drier north of the front. Because the air is so dry, the front will go through without any rain possibilities. The comfortable weather continues through Wednesday. 

With the clear skies, it is a good time to do a little stargazing. The Perseid meteor shower is waning, but there are many other sights in the sky. One of the sky shows I like to look out for is when the International Space Station is visible. This actually occurs much more often than expected. When looking for the International Space Station, it helps to be in an area away from city lights, but this is usually visible almost anywhere. It will appear as a small star that moves slowly across the sky. Take a look at this week’s sighting schedule:

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ISS Sat Aug 14/03:48 AM 2 19 17 above NW 16 above NNE
ISS Sat Aug 14/05:24 AM 1 16 15 above N 16 above NNE
ISS Sun Aug 15/04:16 AM < 1 15 15 above N 15 above N
ISS Mon Aug 16/03:08 AM < 1 17 17 above N 16 above NNE
ISS Mon Aug 16/04:43 AM 1 16 15 above N 16 above NNE
ISS Tue Aug 17/03:34 AM < 1 15 15 above N 15 above N
ISS Tue Aug 17/05:09 AM 2 24 16 above NNW 24 above NNE
ISS Wed Aug 18/04:01 AM 1 17 15 above NNW 17 above NNE
ISS Wed Aug 18/05:35 AM 2 44 15 above NW 44 above N
ISS Thu Aug 19/04:27 AM 2 26 16 above NNW 25 above NNE
ISS Fri Aug 20/03:21 AM < 1 18 18 above N 18 above NNE
ISS Fri Aug 20/04:55 AM 4 60 15 above NW 17 above ESE
ISS Sat Aug 21/03:48 AM 3 29 25 above N 15 above ENE
ISS Sat Aug 21/05:22 AM 4 40 15 above WNW 18 above SSE
ISS Sun Aug 22/04:15 AM 3 71 39 above NW 18 above ESE
ISS Mon Aug 23/04:44 AM 2 33 33 above SW 16 above SSE
ISS Tue Aug 24/09:38 PM 1 32 16 above WSW 32 above WSW
ISS Wed Aug 25/08:30 PM 4 31 16 above SSW 16 above E
ISS Wed Aug 25/10:06 PM < 1 24 17 above W 24 above WNW
ISS Thu Aug 26/08:57 PM 4 75 16 above WSW 17 above NE
ISS Fri Aug 27/09:26 PM 2 29 26 above NW 17 above NNE

ONLY DAYS WITH SIGHTING OPPORTUNITIES ARE LISTEDThis data last updated on 14 Aug 2010 04:12:36 GMT 

 Notice how often the Space Station is visible. It is often one or two times per night. Enjoy the show and thanks for reading.



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  1. The direction in which to look for the ISS is cut off on the right side of the page. Any chance you could give us a hint?

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