Touch of Fall & A Warm-Up

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 Blog!  Each day we provide the latest information on the weather and other science related topics.  If you are looking for the viewing times to see the International Space Station, just check yesterday’s entry.

Today’s focus will be on the first signs of Fall!  Those signs appeared over the upper Midwest Tuesday morning.  Below is a surface map from 7 a.m. Tuesday, while Milwaukee was sitting at 66 degrees, it was in the upper 30s over northern Minnesota!  Even parts of northern Wisconsin saw lows in the mid 40s!

Just click on the map below to enlarge.

After a cool start to the day, temperatures will rebound into the mid to upper 70s by afternoon across much of southeast Wisconsin.  If Milwaukee does stay in the 70s on Tuesday, it would be the first high in the 70s since July 31! The sunshine will be filtered both on Tuesday and Wednesday as a disturbance slides to our south.  Since dew points are very dry in the low 50s around Milwaukee, that should be enough to keep any rain out of our area. 

High clouds can be expected since we are on the northern edge of that disturbance.  The high clouds show up well on the visible satellite, this picture was from around 8 a.m. Tuesday.  I also labeled the area in Minnesota that had lows in the 30s where skies were clear overnight.

The break from the heat and humidity has been nice, but don’t get too use to it.  Highs will be back in the mid 80s for Thursday, along with much higher dew points. Below is a dew point forecast from the 00Z NAM.  This forecast map is valid for late Thursday.  Notice that dew points could be around 70 again!

If you don’t like the heat and humidity, just remember that September is just a short 2 weeks away, and by that time our average high is 76 with an average low of 59.  By the end of September those numbers fall to 67 and 49!

So are you ready for Fall?  Or would you like to see the heat and humidity stick around?

Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


9 Responses

  1. I love it hot…just not the humidity which seems to usually accompany the heat here in the upper Midwest. I lived in Arizona a few years ago and enjoyed the heat of the desert Southwest. I moved here for work, but am ready to move back…I totally hate the winters here.

    So, to answer your question at the end of the weather blog…I guess I would take the heat and humidity over Fall temps any day. Fall is one step away from winter which seems to go on forever here in WI.

    • Cliff,

      I’m with you…summer could go on forever! I think living in either Minnesota or Wisconsin for 29 years has made me dislike winter. The 3 winters I was in Kansas were great. It would snow, and then melt within a day or two!


  2. I would take highs in the 60’s/70’s and lows in the 40’s/50’s all year. I can deal with the cold of winter but driving in the snow not so much. The heat and humidity are bearable with say a temp of 85 and dew point under 70, but when we had temps near 90 and dew points aproaching 75 that was a bit much for me. So I guess if we could have 3 months of spring 3 months of summer 4 months of fall and maybe a month and a half of winter that would be ideal!

    • Bryan,

      Thanks for adding your thoughts. The first 15 days of August were pretty steamy around here. I think most people are enjoying the cooler weather. I think you’d have to head west of the Rockies to find your ideal city:)


  3. Summer was better when I was younger. 2 weeks of hazy, hot, humid weather was it. Then the rest was quite enjoyable. Fall and winter seem easier to deal with than the 3 H’s. Born and raised here in WI so maybe I look at things a little differently. Thanks Jeremy and team for your great work.

    • Sam,

      There’s still a few winter lovers out there. When I was in KC we always did a survey of which do you like better summer or winter. Summer usually won. And keep in mind there winter isn’t bad at all! Thanks for being a part of the blog!


  4. I vote for every day to be like September 1st. 76/59 is perfect. I’ve always disliked winter because of the short days, lack of greenery and general ambiance, shoveling and driving in snow, and of course… the cold. I used to like hot summers. Now I live at a place with no swimming pool and I work in a non air conditioned environment so hot weather is a burden and this summer has been very rough.

  5. Entertaining to read. Certainly different parts of the country have different expectations.

    Mid 80s – even low 90s is fine a bit further south for us. I would say it is normally the humidity that makes things tough. This summer has had tremendous humidity it seems.

    We just came off one of our snowiest winters ever, and honestly…I like snow, but was ready for it to end. I am more of a spring/fall person mostly because of the variety of weather. Winter/summer normally are a bit more benign.

    The new LRC is likely in its very early stages for next year’s pattern. It will be really interesting to see what it brings!

  6. Definitely looking forward to fall. I can deal with the heat, but not this persistent humidity.

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