Taste of Fall and a new hurricane

A very pleasant Monday to everyone. Another great day in SE Wisconsin. Plenty of sunshine and dew points running in the middle 60s. That is not too bad for this time of the year, but those dew points are about to get much lower. A cold front arrives on Tuesday afternoon. The cold front will have very little convergence so chances for showers and storms are minimal. The cold front will bring a nice refreshing air mass with lows dropping into the 50s and possibly the 40s on Thursday and Friday morning. It will almost feel fall-like for a short time. The rest of the forecast through the weekend and next week looks very nice. An area of high pressure will park itself to our east and that will allow sunshine and beautiful weather.

Take a look at the current conditions.

Click on the above image to make it full size. Note the lower dew points in Montana and Wyoming. For a better look at the dew point temperatures take a look at the contour map.

The cold front will bring the driest air that we have had in our area since May. We have not had lows in the 40s since May and that is likely inland.

On a separate note, a new hurricane has formed in the Atlantic.

The good news is that even though Danielle is expected to become a major hurricane, it should stay away from the United States.

Enjoy our beautiful week of weather. Thanks for reading.



3 Responses

  1. I don’t know if I’d go as far as to call low to mid 70s fall-like weather. Maybe “Summer of 2009-like” weather is more like it. The real fall-like weather is in the northeast where they are in the low to mid 60s for highs with lots of clouds and rain. If I recall, we had such temps around this time last year for a day or two.

    (Just checked last year’s stats and it turns out it was a lot more than just a day or two).

    • You description of Fall sounds like our Winter. LOL

    • Daniel, it was more of a comparison to the warm and humid summer that we have been through.


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