Rain Stats & Possible 90s?

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog!  Ever since the July 22 flood that devasted Milwaukee and surrounding areas, it has been almost taboo to wish for rain.  I think we are reaching the point where rain is needed across southeast Wisconsin, and a good half to one inch rain would be welcomed.

So far in August, Milwaukee has only picked up 1.42″ of rain, and there is a good chance this number will not change before the end of the month.  If that is the case, the month of August will end almost 2.50″ below average!

It does seem odd to want rain considering this will go down was one of the wettest summer’s in the city’s history!  Here some numbers I came across from the NWS regarding our wet summer and year.  The first set of numbers is the rank of total rainfall from June-August.  Barring anymore rain, this will be the 2nd wettest summer in recorded weather history!


       Rain      Summer (Jun-Aug)
  1   19.48     1986
 2  19.28   2010
  3   18.11     1885
  4   17.52    1997
  5   17.27    1954
  6   16.35    2008

The next set of numbers is total rainfall this year.  I think before 2010 is over, Milwaukee should easily make it into the top 5 wettest all-time!

     Rain     Year (Jan-Aug)
  1   37.45    1876
  2   32.18    2008
  3   31.93    1960
  4   31.75    2000
  5   31.52    1938
  6   30.82    1999
  7   30.75    1986
  8   30.32    1877
  9   30.12     1990
 10   29.81     1993
 11   28.46     1974
12  28.29   2010

The next chance to add to these numbers will occur very late Tuesday, but more likely on Wednesday.  Remember, I discussed yesterday in the blog how the Atlantic hurricanes may impact the timing of the rain for next week.  To find out how just read yesterday’s entry.

So no rain is in the weekend  forecast, that’s the good news.  The bad news(for some) is that the heat and humidity will creep back.  The first half of the weekend will see dew points in the 50s to around 60, which is still okay.  By Sunday afternoon the sticky air will again surge north and it looks like the weekend will close with dew points close to 70 degrees!

Below is a dew point forecast from the 12Z NAM computer model.  This is valid for 7 p.m. Sunday.  Notice the orange shades over southeast Wisconsin?  That represents dew points around 70. 

So not only will it be increasingly humid, but temperatures will also begin to climb.  Saturday will have a slight wind off the lake, so highs near the lakeshore will stay in the low to mid 80s, with inland areas a touch warmer.

Sunday and Monday are days that could make a run toward 90 degrees.  With dew points not increasing until later Sunday, the dry air will heat up quickly with sunshine and a southwest wind working on it.  I could see a hot end to the weekend with low 90s in spots!  Make sure to watch WISN 12 News to see if I bump highs up to 90 for Sunday or Monday.

One thing is certain, summer is not giving up easily this year!

Have a great weekend!

Jeremy Nelson


2 Responses

  1. The grass is starting to get very crunchy and somewhat brown I’ve noticed as of late. Too bad the ground doesn’t have any way to store excess water or it would still be set for months to come.

    • Daniel,

      I thought it was about time to address the growing deficit this month. Some rain would be good news…


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