Night Sky & Rainy Day(s) Ahead

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 Blog!  As advertised here and on WISN 12 News the weekend ended with highs around 90 degrees.  Sunday was the hottest day so far this year in Milwaukee with a high of 92 degrees!  The late August heat wave will continue early this week.

We’ll get back to the heat and humidity in a moment, but I wanted to spend just a moment on another topic.  Over the past couple of weeks I’ve received some calls and emails about bright objects in the night sky, and what they are.  90% of the time the if the bright object is in the western sky, the answer is the planet Venus.  Recently though, a few other stars/planets have been visible without a telescope.  The planets Venus, Mars, and even a faint Saturn have been visible!

The website Sky and Telescope has some great viewing maps to help out those wondering what they may be looking at in the sky.  Below is one of those maps.  This is the sky coming up on August 31, but for the most part the sky will look very close to this a couple of days before and after the 31st.

If skies are clear any of the next several nights, you may want to look toward the western horizon!

While skies may be clear at times the next few nights, it will be hazy with lots of humidity hanging in the air.  The soupy air arrived in full force on Sunday and will stick around into early Wednesday.  Highs the next couple of days will be around 90, with Tuesday being the hottest day early this week.

Some relief in the form of cooler air and also a chance of rain arrives late Tuesday and Wednesday.  A cold front will slip into our area.  This should produce a good chance of showers and t-storms. Below is the surface map and position of the front on Wednesday morning.  This FORECAST map is valid at 7 a.m. and is from the HPC.  Notice on the far lower right part of the map Hurricane Earl beginning to show up.

With the rainfall deficit at over 2.00″ so far in August in Milwaukee, a little rain will be welcome.  I think anything around 1″ or less should cause few to no problems.  Below is a rainfall forecast thru Wednesday from the 18Z NAM.  The violet and purple shades in southern Wisconsin represent totals of 1.50″ to 2.00″, while the blue and green shades closer to Milwaukee (marked with a ‘*’) are totals of 1″ or less.

Remember, this is just one computer model and one snapshot of the possible rain ahead.  Other models I’ve seen have quite a bit less rain.  I think we will have some showers and t-storms around from very late Tuesday through parts of Thursday.  After that, another comfortably cool airmass will return for the Labor Day weekend!

If you have any questions or comments about the weather, please leave your thoughts in the comments section of the blog!  And make sure to watch WISN 12 News for the latest data! 

Jeremy Nelson


2 Responses

  1. Hi

    So is all of labor day weekend gonna be dry and sunny. I am going camping so just courious as what the weather will be like thanks and keep rocking with the weather.


    • Marc,

      Still a long way off, but if there is going to be rain looks like it would be late Sunday or Monday. The start of the weekend looks good. Thanks for the post.


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