Summer Hangs On

Please forgive the late post. We hit 90 again today. That makes number 9 for 2010. The warmest has been 92 on Sunday but we have another chance at the low 90s for tomorrow. The breakdown of the 90 degree days goes like this. May: 1. June: 0. July: 4. August: 4.

With the heat and humidity in place and a cold front pushing in late on Tuesday, strong storms are likely in our area on Tuesday night. The timing of the storms may help keep our severe weather chances lower due to the front arriving late at night. The storm prediction center has included parts of our area under slight risk.

There will likely be a line of strong to severe storms that pushes out of Minnesota and Iowa in the late afternoon heading our way. The better chances of severe weather will be in our western counties before the atmosphere becomes a little more stable with nightfall. Take a look at the RPM model of the storms as they arrive tomorrow night.

The above picture is a forecast for 10pm Tuesday night. Note the line of storms to our west.

By 1am, the storms are weaker in SE Wisconsin but still fairly strong to our southwest.

By 4am, the storms are mostly pushing past the area. I would have greater concern for severe weather if the line was arriving in the early evening. However, make sure you keep a close eye on the forecast on Tuesday.

Have a great night and stay cool tomorrow.



7 Responses

  1. Thanks for the severe weather chance update. I know that several rounds of rain/storms are expected through Thursday. What are the forecast models showing for rain totals in our area?

    • Thanks, Lori,

      First round probably anywhere from .25″-.75″. Wednesday does not look like much.
      Thursday may be heavier rain. It’s a little early but an 1″ or more is possible.


  2. We are welcoming the rain to the south…

  3. Looks like the cloud cover and breeze is going to do some damage to the predicted highs for today (Tues.). Can’t say I’m sad about that although I like it hot, just not the humidity.
    We definitely can use some rain up here in NE Dodge. After the summer we had I didn’t think I would be saying that. Lawns are turning brown…just within the last week. I actually had to water the flower planter in front of the house…first time all summer
    Am hoping the cloud cover keeping the temps down today will reduce the risk of severe storms later tonight.

    • Cliff,

      As of 1pm it is 90 in Milwaukee.


    • Cliff, rain is on the way. Not too much with this round. Your highs were much cooler than MKE where we had sun.


  4. WOW 90 degrees in Milwaukee. It has been overcast here all day with a nice breeze…very comfortable but humid. I just came home from Mayville and the temp on the bank thermometer there said 74 degrees.

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