T-Storms, Big Cool Down, & Earl

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Thank you for stopping by the weather watch 12 blog!  If you missed yesterday’s entry about the new weather pattern about to form, please check it out right after today’s!

Lots of weather to discuss as big changed are headed toward southern Wisconsin.  Until we get to Friday, the warm and very humid air will linger across the region.  This has been the story of the summer of 2010, warm and very humid.  One of our fellow bloggers, Daniel, pulled some stats to support just how warm and humid it has been.  He compared it to last summer and also the hot summer of 1988.  Here are his findings for Milwaukee:

I pulled a couple of stats regarding the sustained warmth we had this year and it makes me wonder if this summer featured the most 80+ days on record.

From June 1 to August 31 (92 day period)…

Number of 80+ degree highs…
2010 – 63
2009 – 35
1988 – 55

Number of highs failing to hit 70 degrees…
2010 – 8
2009 – 21
1988 – 9

Number of days with a 70+ dew point at some point during the day…

2010 – 34
2009 – 9
1988 – 23

Great stuff!  Thank you Daniel!

Moving into later today(Thursday), a good chance of showers and t-storms will exist across southeast Wisconsin.  While this does not look like it has the potential to be a big severe weather day, there is a chance that a few of the storms could bring winds that are near severe levels.  Below is the severe weather outlook from the SPC.  Southern Wisconsin is in a slight risk for severe storms.

Keep in mind it takes a wind of 58 mph to be considered severe, and if the storms are moving along at 30-45 mph it won’t take much more of a downward momentum to produce some strong wind gusts.  Remember, we are ALWAYS on Weather Watch, so tune to WISN 12 if severe weather develops.

Behind the storms and a cold front, much cooler and less humid air will take hold.  Right now it looks like highs will be in the 60s for Saturday across the region!  This would be the coolest daytime highs since the end of June!  Along with the cool highs, nighttime lows will drop into the 40s, especially away from Lake Michigan.

For Friday afternoon, be aware that winds could gust between 30-40 mph in our area!  Make sure to check back on Friday for a complete blog on the holiday weekend weather!

In the meantime, major Hurricane Earl is moving dangerously close to the East Coast.  Hurricane Warnings are in place for eastern areas of North Carolina, and also locations around Cape Cod.  While the eye is forecast to stay over the Atlantic, some of the winds very near the eye wall(where they are the strongest) will get close to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and also Cape Cod.

Below is the latest forecast track of the hurricane.  As of this writing(late Thursday morning) Earl had maximum sustained winds of 140 mph and was beginning to move due north.

We will be tracking Earl on WISN 12 News, and also here in the blog.  For our immediate area, we are focused on the chance of t-storms, and also the big cooldown headed our way for the holiday weekend.

Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


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  1. Hi Jeremy , thanks for e-mailing me back on how to leave a response on your blog.
    I am very computer literate , but had trouble finding it.

    The information you have in your blog is so good I hope it will continue.

    My thought is if I had trouble finding the response , how many others did also? the more responses the more likely the blog will continue because your bosses will see its being used.
    At the end of a blog it sais (please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section of the blog)
    So I was looking for a comments section.
    I wonder how many others also were?
    I am looking forward to your new long range forecast , I hope the blog will continue.
    Thanks Jeremy!!!!!

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