How our cool down steered Earl out to sea.

Happy Friday and welcome to the holiday weekend. It certainly is fall-like today with the clouds, cool temperatures, and strong winds. Some gusts have been above 40 miles per hour today.

Today’s high was only 66 degrees. That makes it the coolest high temperature since May. We have a pretty good chance at seeing the 40s for lows and that has not happened since May 20th. Dress warmly if you are heading to the football games this evening.

People in the northeast should be thanking the cold air here because that has steered Earl from making a direct hit on the coast. Here is the latest track from the National Hurricane Center.

Earl will still have an impact on New England. Cape Cod and Nantucket will be hit the hardest, but thankfully Earl has weakened in the cooler waters of the northern Atlantic. It will still cause quite a bit of damage, but it could have been worse. If not for the big powerful trough that is bringing us the cooler weather, Earl would have likely hit the Carolina’s or possibly even near New York City.

You can easily pick out the trough moving through the Great Lakes states. As powerful as a hurricane is, it is no match for the upper level winds. They will win the battle every time. The trough will be responsible for a cool start to our holiday, but temps will rebound nicely for Sunday and Monday. We will be back in the low 80s on Monday and sunny weather is expected all weekend. Have a safe one. Thanks for reading.



3 Responses

  1. I don’t think Earl is going to cause much damage. It is dying quickly and looks pretty ragged. Looking at some of the coastal surface obs, it is pretty meager. I think the national media was dying for a hurricane and have largely made much more of this storm than what was delivered. That said, I am glad it spared the east coast.

    Looking at the pattern is fun these days. Finally I am beginning to count more than two lines of upper level heights in the lower 48. LOL. I always get excited when I start seeing deeper troughs forming. I see a hybrid pattern right now of the same LRC and a new cycle forming within it. It is pretty amazing. While it happens each year, it is always so bewildering to watch it come together.

    • Keep us informed, Scott. I am watching for patterns now. Thanks.


  2. Certainly didn’t work up a sweat mowing lawn today (Sat.). I don’t think I’m ready for summer to be over yet. I’m glad it will be warming up again for a bit.

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