Temps Swing Up, Then Back Down

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Thank you for spending a few minutes of your weekend with us on the Weather Watch 12 Blog!  The weekend started gloomy and wet, but will end sunny and warm! 

Rain showers swept across southeast Wisconsin Saturday morning.  Rain totals ranged from just over one tenth of an inch to almost three quarters of an inch!  Here is a list of totals from our area.  If you ever have a total you would like to share, please post it to the comments section of the blog.

  • Milwaukee – Mitchell  0.72″
  • Fond du Lac  0.68″
  • Salem  0.51″
  • Kenosha  0.49″
  • Merton  0.39″
  • Sheboygan  0.37″
  • Racine  0.17″

Now that the rain is gone, the focus shifts to a warm late summer day to close the weekend.  For Sunday, high pressure will reside over the mid-Mississippi River Valley, and with a clockwise flow around the high warm air will flow into southern Wisconsin.  Below is the forecast surface map for Sunday at 1 p.m.  The orange arrow indicates the warm air flowing in.


Daytime highs could touch 80 degrees in a few spots, but all areas will enjoy at least mid to upper 70s on Sunday.  With a west to southwest flow even lakeshore locations will see a warm day.

About as quickly as temps will swing up, they will head back down by the middle of the week.  In fact, with a northeast wind push cool air to the south, highs in many spots will be stuck in the 60s on Tuesday.  Once highs fall into the 60s on Tuesday, we may not see highs jump back to the 70s until next Saturday!

Below is a temperature forecast map for this Tuesday at 7 p.m.  This map is from the NAM computer model.  Keep in mind this is a few hours after the peak of daytime heating.  So after highs in the mid to upper 60s on Tuesday, temperatures will quickly drop into the 55-60 degree range by evening!  Just click on the map to enlarge.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!  This really is a magnificent time of year in Wisconsin with mild daytime highs and cool nights.  Make sure to check out WISN 12 News for the latest updates.

Have a great weekend!

Jeremy Nelson


2 Responses

  1. Amazing how quick the turnaround was from having difficulty getting a day to not hit 80 degrees to now having difficulty getting even one day to hit 80 degrees.

    • Daniel,

      It’s all about the pattern…and right now it is in transition. By October we will begin to get a good estimate on what may be ahead for the next 9 months! I will take the 80s over what’s ahead:)


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