Temperatures Down, Rain Chances Up

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Since today is election day, we will give you a chance to vote right here in the weather blog.  Make sure to take our poll question at the end of today’s entry!

Let’s start by talking rain chances.  Outside of a spotty sprinkle or brief shower today(Tuesday), the next good chance of rain will move in late Wednesday.  Along with the increased chance of rain, temperatures will fall back into the 60s for daytime highs beginning on Wednesday.

If you have outdoor plans on Wednesday, most of the day should be dry, albeit mostly cloudy.  The rain will move in Wednesday evening, and continue on and off into Thursday morning.  The big question for me is whether there will be thunderstorms.  Our in-house high resolution computer model thinks there will be.

Below is a forecast for 10:30 p.m. Wednesday evening.  This is from the RPM computer model.  If this plays out, some areas could pick up 1.00″ or more of rain.

With morning rain showers, clouds, and a northeast wind…temperatures on Thursday may be stuck in the low 60s for highs!

We will continue to talk more about the rain for late Wednesday and Thursday in the blog and on our newscasts.  Something else making headlines are the hurricanes in the Atlantic.  While they will not impact the United States, they are intense and could pose a threat to Bermuda.

I always love looking at the visible satellite of a hurricane!  The eye of a hurricane always fascinates me.  A calm area surrounded by chaos.  Below is the visible satellie from around 7 a.m. Tuesday of major hurricane Igor.  At the time of this writing Igor was a category 4 storm with maximum sustained winds of 135 mph.

The Atlantic Hurricane season runs through the end of November.  So there is still time for more storms to develop.

Finally, it is time for today’s poll question.  I will put the answer in either Wednesday or Thursday’s blog, so check back for the answer.

Make sure to watch WISN 12 News for the latest on Wednesday’s rain chance!  Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


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