Nicer weather…just in time for work week.

The good news, Packers win. Not so good, our weekend weather. We were locked in the clouds again today with a few light showers. Pretty ugly. I thought we might get some peeks of sun today, but that stayed just to our north. Take a look at the visible satellite.

The weather is set to improve as we head into the work week. Monday will bring some afternoon sunshine and temps approaching 70. Tuesday will be quite warm and windy with highs in the low 80s before storms move in late in the afternoon. We will be on Weather Watch with the possibility of some of the storms being severe as the cold front barges into the warm air late on Tuesday. Here is the forecast from the RPM computer model.

The above image is the forecast for Tuesday evening. Take a look at the temps from Tuesday afternoon.

Enjoy the warm air early on Tuesday before the storms arrive.

A few days ago our temps dropped to 49 degrees in Milwaukee. That was the first time since May 20th that we were in the 40s. That is a 119 day stretch. Pretty impressive. I’m not sure if that is a record, but it is likely close. To my knowledge, there are no records that track this.

I talked about the hail storm in Madison yesterday. Thanks to my friends at the weather service here are a few pictures of the hail from Dane county. That was really the only area that got the hail early Saturday morning.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.



2 Responses

  1. Yesterday was the day for hail. The KC metro was socked with baseball hail and reports of over 5 inch diameter. For good measure, with ample warm air advection, convection continued into the nighttime with elevated supercells concluding with a 80+ mile an hour gust causing damage and leaving many without power. Oh..and throw in precip storm totals of 5+ inches in spots with a larger swath of 3+ reports through the area.

    A nice reminder and introduction of our “second season” for severe weather. We were in the battle ground of temps in the upper 40s to our north and 90s to our south. Always a fun forecast when you have a front just to your NW, a remnant outflow sitting over the city from overnight convection and 40kts aloft.

    On a brighter note, this pattern is just about done as new features are starting to show up!

    • We will get a piece of that second storm season this week. We have a fun forecast of 60s/80s/60s/80s with storms sprinkled in. Good times.

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