Series of Cold Fronts Ahead

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 Blog!  If you follow the blog you know that I believe that a new weather pattern begins to form each Fall, that pattern then repeats and carries through the next year.  The formation of the new pattern typically occurs in October and November.

With a new pattern forming, the track of storms, position of troughs and ridges, and precipitation trends will be monitored closely to see what it may mean for our winter forecast.

So does the series of cold fronts about to move through hold a key to our overall weather pattern?  The quick answer is it is hard to tell since we are so early in the new pattern, but one thing is certain, the new pattern will be unique!

The first cold front to pass through our area will arrive later this evening and tonight.  It will be moisture starved, so outside of an increase in clouds and a wind shift, the front should pass with little fanfare. 

Below is a surface map valid at 7 p.m. this evening(Wednesday).  The cold front is on our doorstep, and a few light showers are near Madison.  Most/all of the moisture should dry up before reaching Milwaukee.  A few sprinkles or a brief shower can’t be ruled out in our northern counties.  Just click to enlarge.

Lurking over southern Canada is another, stronger, cold front.  This is the front that will barrel toward southeast Wisconsin and push in the coldest air so far this season.  The second cold front will slip by late Friday, and when you wake up on Saturday you will feel a big change!   The map below is valid at 7 a.m. Saturday.

Along with the colder air, winds will swing to the northeast.  With the cold air riding over Lake Michigan relatively warm waters clouds and lake effect rain showers will be possible.  Right now a few showers have been included in the Saturday forecast, along with highs in the low 50s!

If skies clear out Saturday night frost is possible Sunday morning mainly away from Lake Michigan.  Another frosty morning could occur on Monday.

While the weekend will be cold, another warm-up into the 60s and 70s looks likely by the middle of next week.  Enjoy the next two days before a real taste of Fall arrives!

Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


4 Responses

  1. It’s starting… 😉 The new pattern seems to have some interesting features. Unfortunately for some (;-) ), probably means a colder than average winter and certainly a bit more snow than last year!

    • Oh, I can only hope!


    • If this is part of the new pattern, I would think we’d have a cold and dry winter because we’ve been parched for rain the last week and the next week looks mostly dry as well.

      • Daniel,

        Not sure what year it was…maybe 2 years ago in KC we had a very dry October. My thought were along the lines of yours at first. But then noticed a lot of storms drifiting by in Canada. Once the jet stream shifted south it turned wet.

        So still a little early to tell. I wouldn’t read much into the dry weather at the moment.


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