Another frost advisory, then “Indian Summer”

Please forgive the late and short blog entry. I was helping train our newest Weather Watch 12 meteorologist Luke Sampe today. He will start this Saturday morning on 12 news the morning. I am certain that you will enjoy him.

It certainly was chilly this morning. Frost was reported almost everywhere across the area. Coldest temps were reported at Holy Hill, Slinger, and Whitewater with lows of 28 degrees. Lake Michigan kept temperatures warmer near the lake with Milwaukee official low at 41 degrees. Milwaukee still has not had a temperature this season in the 30s. Take a look at the morning lows.

I am not a photographer, but I tried to capture the frost this morning on my Impatiens. I did not follow my own advice to cover them or take them inside, but they seemed to have survived the light frost. I live about 1 mile from the lake, but it was still cold enough for frost at my house.

Another cold night is on the way with frost advisories for the entire area. Temps will be very close to last night. The big warm-up is still on the way.

Because most areas have had their first frost, we can consider the warm, sunny weather later this week to be “Indian Summer.” Highs will be around 70 degrees from Wednesday-Sunday. No rain is in the forecast. Enjoy the great week.



2 Responses

  1. I guess this upcoming week is payback for last October around this time (9 straight highs in the 40s).

    Is Luke replacing someone or are you just bulking up the meteorologist count for a potentially active winter?

    • Daniel,

      Luke is replacing Lyra O’Brien who took a new job outside of the business. Thanks for the note.

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