October Surprise – More 70s & 80s

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 Blog!  Dry and unseasonably warm weather continues to dominate the forecast.  In this blog entry we will breakdown the weekend forecast, and also check out the fall color report across Wisconsin.

Let’s start with the near record warmth that occurred on Friday.  The high temperature in Milwaukee soared to 81 degrees!  This was just shy of the record high of 85 set back in 2007.  The last time highs touched 80 or better in October was 3 years ago when record warmth hit the area.

Now even though several mild days are ahead, we still have some ups and downs and bumps in the road to discuss.  The first issue is a backdoor cold front that will move in Saturday morning.  This front will turn our surface winds to the northeast.  This means that the cool air right above Lake Michigan will spread across our lake shore counties. 

The cooler air will take hold by afternoon, but before that I still think Milwaukee makes it into the 70s, before falling back to the 60s for the afternoon.  Below is the forecast surface map for Saturday morning.  Anywhere north of the cold front winds will be out of the northeast.


Since this is a weak front, inland locations will still see highs in the mid 70s.  The front will stall just to our south, and try to lift back to the north as a warm front on Sunday.  The combination of southeast to south winds and partly sunny skies, highs will soar well into the 70s on Sunday.  I could see a few inland locations hitting 80 again to close the weekend!

The big question now is, how long can the 70s and 80s continue?  With the jet stream – a fast moving river of air about 5-7 miles above the Earth’s surface that helps to guide storm systems across the country – over Canada right now and through much of next week.  More highs in the 70s can be expected.  The tan line on the 300mb(jet stream level) map below, shows the jet stream drawn in tan.  Until the jet stream drops south, mild weather will continue in our area.

The warm weather will be welcomed by many this weekend as the Fall colors are nearing their peak in southeast Wisconsin.  Remember, if you take a picture of the fall colors, post it to the U-Local section of WISN.com  Any picture that is posted may appear here or on one of our WISN 12 newscasts.

Speaking of U-Local, this picture taken by Ben Foegen of Waukesha shows a pumpkin growing in an Evergreen tree.  The pumpkin is about 6 feet above the ground. 

Awesome picture Ben! 

Have a great weekend and please post any weather related thoughts or questions in the comments section of the blog!

Jeremy Nelson


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