New weather graphics, and a wimpy front

It has been a long, but productive day at the big 1-2. We have transitioned into widescreen and we have unveiled our new weather graphics. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. There are some changes to many graphics that I hope will make the weather story easier to understand and easier to see on-screen. One of the biggest changes is something that is too long in coming. We have finally changed the location of the lows on the 7day. The lows are now located between the days to indicate what night we are talking about. In our old 7day the lows were put directly under the highs and it was difficult to know whether that meant tonight or tomorrow night’s lows. Take a look.

This is just one of many changes to try to make our graphics tell a weather story. Please feel free to add comments/suggestions at the end of the blog.

Thankfully, it was a quiet weather day for our graphics transition. A cold front is moving through the state right now, but it is a pretty wimpy one. A few showers and isolated storms have popped up along the front and I can’t rule out an isolated shower, especially in our western counties. You will hardly feel a difference in our temperatures tomorrow with highs still in the 60s. Sun should be breaking through pretty quickly in the morning.

Forgive the short post. I have to get back to graphics.



6 Responses

  1. I happened to catch the new graphics on the 6:00 newscast last night. I like them, especially the placement of the night’s low temps. Now it is easy to see which night the low temps are forecasted for. Thanks for doing that.

    You were correct about the wimpy front. All we saw was a little cloud cover, not a drop of rain.

    • Thanks, Cliff.

      We have a little fine-tuning to go on the graphics, but hope everyone enjoys the new look.

  2. I like the new graphics as well. I see from both the GFS 10 day model and your own 7 day that we will have temps dropping into the 50’s next Tuesday, in looking at the charts the freezing line on the 850 mb temp chart is down to northern Wisconsin on Tuesday 10/19/2010 at 1200. Does that mean that the temp in the middle atmosphere is below freezing?

    • Bryan,

      You are correct. The freezing line equates to the temperature at the 850 mb level. About 5,000 feet up.


  3. I do like that you guys went widescreen. Your just one step away from true hd tv. Love the new graphics except for those cartoon logos of the forecast in the 7 day. I liked the realistic pictures that were on the old one and are used on channel 6. And hopefully you guys will get a super hi res radar system soon 🙂 Any word on a new set?

    • Bryan,

      I think we have some other new things that will arrive next year, but that’s just a guess at this point. No how shiney or fancy the graphics look it comes down to how is most accurate and who is there when severe weather hits. And on both those fronts, we will win.


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