Beautiful weather to enjoy fall color

I wanted to start the blog off with two fantastic fall foliage pictures from Clark county taken by Jeremy Friebel. Amazing pictures. We would love to see any pics you have. Post them to the blog and to ulocal on  You will find many other great fall foliage pictures there as well. It’s time to talk fall foliage for two reasons. One, there is very little else going on. And, two, we are just about peaking in SE Wisconsin. 
There is no better place to find the latest fall color information than on the Department of Tourism web site. Here is a link where you can go county-by-county to find the best color.
Where is your favorite spot for fall colors in our area? My personal favorite is the northern Kettle Moraine near Dundee. Simply spectacular. Of course, there are many other great spots like  Holy Hill, Lapham Peak, Old World Wisconsin, etc. Please share your favorites in the comments section or on the weather watch and wisn 12 facebook pages.
Our weather continues to be in cruise control. Day after day is simply beautiful. Boring for me, good for you. The weather will cooperate this weekend for checking out the fall colors. Sunshine both days and highs in the middle 60s. Enjoy the warmer air now before a cool-down arrives next week. Thanks for reading.





4 Responses

  1. Great pictures! Boring for now… Will be enjoying Storm Chasers on Discovery looking for a glimpse of my truck during the May 10th outbreak in Oklahoma.

    • DVR is locked and loaded.

  2. Just wondering about the switch to widescreen, Mark. I noticed the switch on the recent newscasts, but you’re definitely not transmitting in HD.

    Do you know when newscasts will start transmitting in HD?


    • Michael,

      Not sure, those decisions are made by management. The widescreen is nice, no more wings on the side:)


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