Amazing October Continues

Day after day after day our October weather continues to amaze. Sunshine for Saturday and a high of 72. This was the 7th day this month with a high of 70 degrees or higher. In October of 2009 we did not have a single day reaching 70 degrees. Of course, it was another day without rainfall. This is one of the driest starts to October in our history. Take a look:


1 1952 0.00
  1947 0.00
  1934 0.00
  1896 0.00
5 1963 0.01
6 2010 0.04
  1956 0.04
  1924 0.04
  1906 0.04
10 1908 0.12

I want to thank the National Weather Service for the above graphic. There is very little chance of rain in the forecast for the next seven days. A weak short wave will move through on Sunday night and Monday morning bringing a chance of sprinkles, but that is about it. Here is the RPM computer model forecast for Monday morning.

The light green represents very light rain and the best chances will be along the Illinois border. Don’t expect much rain out of this if any.

Another great thing about our October weather is the ability to get out and enjoy amazing fall color. I love the following picture from Lake Geneva.

Thank you to “lc13photos” for sending this to u local. Check out an amazing assortment of fall color photos at u local.

Sunday will beautiful again with temperatures a little cooler. The high will right around 60. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



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