We need some rain

Our dry weather continues. In some ways this is very good news. Farmers are way ahead on the harvest enjoying the dry weather and not having to pay to dry corn. For those of you hoping to grow grass or keep your lawns green, the dry weather has certainly not cooperated.

About the only rain we have had lately has stayed up in the atmosphere. Take a look at the following picture of virga.

Officially, this is not virga because a few drops made it to the ground, but you can actually see the moisture evaporating before it hits the ground. Our air has been so dry that any rain that has moved into our area has been evaporating away. I want to thank “Cindy15″ for sending this to our u local section of wisn.com.

I have been going back over the weather records for the last five years to see if we have had similar stretches of dry weather. There are only two times in the last five years where we have been this dry. Our current stretch of dry weather is now at 26 days with only .05″ of an inch.  From August 5th to September 2nd of 2008 we only had .20″ of an inch of rain. This is 28 days. The other example is from October 25th-November 16 when only .06” of an inch fell over the 25 days.

Our forecast is quiet again for most of the week. We will be dry through Friday. The next chance of rain will arrive on Saturday. Check out the GFS model for Saturday morning.

I still have some questions about how far north the moisture will reach.  Stay tuned to WISN-12 for the latest. Thanks for reading.



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