Parade of Storms

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 Blog!  After going almost 30 days with little to no rain across southeast Wisconsin, a more active and wet weather pattern is here.  Several storm systems will hit the area over the next 2-3 weeks.  The first arrived this weekend.  In this blog entry we’ll look at the forecast for the second half of the weekend, and then focus on a strong storm that will arrive early Tuesday.

The rain that we pick up in the coming days and weeks will be very welcome.  Before Saturday, the previous 31 days in Milwaukee had only produced 0.06″ of rain at Milwaukee’s Mitchell Airport.  The rain total in Milwaukee through Saturday afternoon topped this, measuring 0.07″ at the airport.  Not impressive, but a start as more rain was approaching the area.

Remember, to track rain day or night, check out our interactive radar by clicking below.

Our weekend storm will continue on Sunday with more scattered showers.  Again, it won’t be an all day washout, but showers are possible in the morning, and could linger into the afternoon.  Below is showing a rainfall forecast from Saturday Night through the end of the weekend.  Most of southeast Wisconsin will pick up an additional 0.10″ to 0.50″.  Higher totals are possible within thunderstorms.  Just click to enlarge.

Storm number two in the parade will arrive Monday Night and continue through Wednesday.  The next storm will be more dynamic, or powerful.  By early Tuesday and line of potentiall strong thunderstorms will push into southern Wisconsin.  Below is a sea level forecast map from the GFS computer model.  The green/blue on the map represents rainfall, the darker the green the higher the forecast total, and the lighter the blue the greater the total.  The black lines are isobars, they connect lines of equal pressure.  And the closer the isobars are packed together, the higher the wind speeds/gusts.

I labeled Milwaukee with a ‘*’ so you can pick out our local area. 

Notice that the surface low pressure is forecast to drop to 972 mb, that is a strong low!  One thing I like to keep an eye on for the overall weather pattern is the 500 mb map, or the middle of the atmosphere.  This is where the long term long wave ridges and troughs travel, and will help to determine our overall weather pattern for this winter.

The map below is from the GFS too for the same time period as the map above.  If you have questions about the different levels of the atmosphere, feel free to ask.  The one thing that I want you to take away from this map is that the upper level low is strong, and over the upper Midwest.   

Not only will this storm bring rain and thunderstorms to southeast Wisconsin, it will bring A LOT of wind.  On both Tuesday and Wednesday winds will be sustained at 20-35 mph with gusts around 50 mph! 

This will be an intense storm that will first bring rain and storms, then lots of wind, and finally a big cooldown.  These first two storms will then be followed by another somewhere around Halloween.  The question is will this parade of storms provide a treat or a trick?

Have a great weekend and check out WISN 12 News for the updated forecast!

Jeremy Nelson


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