Forecast “BOMB” Get ready for wind

The rain has tapered off, but not before a beneficial 1.05″ fell the last two days. It’s too bad it came on the weekend, but we needed the rain. Before this weekend’s rain, the last month was incredibly dry. We had only received .06″ of an inch over 31 days.

Now, the pattern really changes. A huge storm is about to hit the plains and midwest. Get ready for very strong winds on Tuesday and Wednesday. A High Wind Watch has been issued.

A high wind watch is issued when sustained winds of 40 miles per hour or wind gusts of 58 mph or greater are possible. The high wind watch is from late Monday night through the day on Tuesday, Tuesday night, and all day Wednesday. A very strong low pressure center will “bomb” or strengthen dramatically on Monday in the plains and move into Western Wisconsin on Tuesday. On Wednesday the storm will still be very strong and meander over Lake Superior. This will keep us in the high winds through Wednesday. As the cold front preceding the low arrives on early Tuesday morning, a squall line (intense line of storms) is possible. This may bring strong winds as well.

The RPM computer model brings the line into our area between 5 and 8 am on Tuesday morning. After the front moves through, the winds will not die down. They will stay strong due to the intense low pressure center.

The above image is a surface wind forecast for midday Tuesday. This forecast is for sustained winds. Gusts will be higher. Note the very strong winds over Lake Michigan and Superior as the winds will be stronger there due to the lack of surface friction.

This could be a dangerous storm. Stay tuned to Weather Watch 12 for the latest.



4 Responses

  1. Nice ~966mb surface low to form [per WRF]. Pretty intense ULL with this one. More exciting – as the jet strengthens, heights drop, and the jet sinks..this storm will be back in Winter. Next time, imagine if the ULL tracks to your south?

    It should. Look for it in the first two weeks of December.

    • I was waiting to hear from you. This is one storm to watch again and again throughout the winter. Thanks, Scott.


  2. One of a couple I think..but some of the ones I am watching are more of the ones out of the SW that would have chances of hitting us to the south.

    This one…unless it really digs and drops in December likely would go north of us. Mixed feelings on that. I don’t like being on the south side of these in the winter as we have less chance of snow and more of mixed/ice or cold rain.

    Waste of precip in my book. LOL

    Can you imagine – snow aside – the wind and wind chill if it comes in as strong next time? Even if in the 20s, it could drop the windchill below zero.

    Funny…if even this storm comes back alone as strong as it is showing, the cold air it will bring and the precip singularly could blow up many winter forecasts.

  3. No fair. I love wind storms.

    Let’s swap forecasts.

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